Rare diseases of people that are incurable

There are two things that Humanity has always dreamed of defeating: death and old age. Much has been achieved, but so far the dream is far away.

Why are there rare human diseases that are incurable?

Man has always wondered: why are there rare human diseases in the world that are incurable? 

  • Today on Earth, scientists count about 10 thousand rare or orphan diseases. One person in several thousand is sick with them in the population. There is still no cure for some diseases , and it is impossible to cure them, since pathological processes in the body are systemic. They are caused by congenital developmental anomalies or metabolic disorders that cannot be corrected. 
  • In parallel, there are diseases that are common, they can only be curbed by the efforts of epidemiologists, but the symptoms of these ailments have not yet been overcome . For example, polio or rabies.  
  • But some, for example, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer or AIDS, on the contrary, from year to year, increase the number of their victims.
  • Moreover, new deadly diseases are emerging. This is due to the constant increase in the number of new mutations in the genes of the person himself, due to natural conditions and systemic diseases. And also due to the fact that the pathological flora also evolves and mutates, new strains and types of bacteria appear . 

List of 10 rare incurable diseases

If you list all the rare incurable diseases, the list will be too long. Let’s name only 10 of them:  

  • Niemann- Pick disease or childhood Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Kreutfeldt- Jakob disease – fatal neurodegenerative damage to the central nervous system;
  • Progeria or Hutchinson-Guildford syndrome ;
  • necrotizing fasciitis ;
  • epidermolysis bullosa or “butterfly wings”;
  • cystinosis – a disease that turns a person to stone;
  • Dance of St. Vitus or extrapyramidal system syndrome ;
  • cataplexy, which manifests itself in fainting for any reason;
  • often cataplexy goes hand in hand with narcolepsy (instant sleep syndrome);
  • gigantism or acromegaly.

Incurable venereal diseases

All sexually transmitted diseases known to man are divided by the type of pathogen into:

  • viral;
  • bacterial;
  • fungal;
  • parasitic.

The most dangerous of them are viral, which often become chronic, recurrent and accompany a person for the rest of his life. Moreover, 4 of them today are incurable sexually transmitted diseases: 

  • human papillomavirus;
  • hepatitis B;
  • AIDS virus;
  • genital herpes . 

Medicine does not stand still, and today doctors have learned to contain the symptoms of even these diseases. There are vaccines and medications that ease the course of the disease and increase the life expectancy of patients.

However, viruses do not want to give up and are rapidly spreading in some countries, taking on the character of an epidemic.

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