Why pregnant women should not sleep on their stomach and from what period is it considered harmful

Pregnancy is not only a happy period of waiting for a baby, but also all sorts of restrictions that a future mother inevitably has to face. Fearing to harm the child, the pregnant woman tries to learn more about the new condition and how to behave correctly. Many women are interested in what week of pregnancy you can not sleep on your stomach. To get a correct answer to this question, it is necessary to understand female physiology, to take into account certain psychological factors.

How long can a expectant mother not rest on her stomach?

Pose “on the stomach”

Women who are accustomed to sleeping on their stomachs find it difficult to adjust immediately. Fortunately, sleeping in this position cannot harm the baby before 12 weeks of pregnancy, therefore, there is no need to urgently get rid of the habit of sleeping in this position with the detection of 2 strips on the test. The explanation is simple: in the 1st trimester, the fetus has a tiny size, the uterus is reliably protected by the pubic bones. However, this position can cause discomfort in a woman who has only recently become pregnant, which is associated with uterine tone and breast engorgement . In this case, guided by your own feelings, it is recommended to prefer a more comfortable and physiological position, although doctors do not prohibit sleeping on your stomach in the early stages.

The tummy pose is acceptable up to 12 weeks

In the second trimester, the expectant mother begins to notice how the tummy is rounded: the child has grown significantly. During this period, it is worth starting to think about the safety of the crumbs during a night’s rest.

By the twentieth week, the “on the stomach” position should be completely eliminated. It is inconvenient for a pregnant woman, it harms the child. The uterus protrudes above the pubic bones, therefore, a woman with her weight can create significant pressure on the fetus.

In the 3rd trimester, the baby in the uterus reaches a large size, and the prone position becomes unthinkable. It is comparable to lying on a ball, unnatural for the expectant mother, harmful to the child.

Sleep on your back

At the beginning of pregnancy, up to the 4th month, you can safely sleep on your back. The pose promotes quality relaxation during the night rest. Quite often, the first long-awaited movements of the baby are felt by women in this position.

It is important to understand why you should not sleep on your back during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters: the uterus puts pressure on the internal organs, and the inferior vena cava may overlap.

Such a dream in the later stages is harmful. A threat is created for the mother and child in the form of the following conditions:

Circulatory disorders.

Deterioration of a woman’s well-being, up to loss of consciousness.

Decreased blood flow to the placenta.

The development of acute fetal hypoxia.

You can avoid dangerous consequences by getting used to falling asleep on your side in advance. The position is the only one acceptable from five to six months of pregnancy. This is due to the constantly growing belly and the increasing load on the woman’s body.

For those who have slept on their side for most of their lives and find this position to be the most comfortable, there will be no difficulty in relearning later.

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Psychological factors

Pregnant women who are prone to worries ask how long you can’t sleep on your back or stomach. You shouldn’t be afraid of accidentally turning over on your stomach. They are afraid to accidentally roll over at night and “crush” the baby. With vain worries, expectant mothers undermine their own emotional balance, which is already prone to hormonal surges.

Remember: in a dream, the brain continues to work, therefore, it is simply impossible to sleep, experiencing pain or severe discomfort. The central nervous system will certainly give the body a signal that it is necessary to take another, more comfortable position.

Even at the thirtieth week, when the size of the abdomen is significant, there is no danger of short-term pressure on the child (for example, when turning over the stomach). In the womb, the baby is reliably protected by the shell and amniotic fluid.

Accordingly, you need to listen to your own body and understand that nature has “thought out” possible risk factors for mom and baby during pregnancy.

Healthy sleep

Quality rest for the expectant mother is vital. It is needed to restore the strength of a woman, the health and proper development of the baby. The normal duration of a night’s rest is 8-10 hours. Daytime sleep is also desirable, if possible. The 1st trimester is often accompanied by drowsiness, and the 3rd by insomnia. Quality rest during the day will help to cope with unpleasant conditions.

The optimal, physiological for sleeping during pregnancy is the position on the left side. In this position, there is no risk of squeezing the internal organs, it promotes good blood circulation.

To ensure maximum comfort, pregnant women sleep with small cushions under their back, stomach and between their legs. It is recommended to purchase or sew a special C- or U-shaped pillow for pregnant women. The use of assistive devices allows you to reduce the load on the lower back, stomach, reduce the likelihood of swelling of the legs, and more effectively relieve fatigue.

Pillow for pregnant women: we sleep on the left side comfortably

No matter what stage of pregnancy a woman is, it is important to remember the conditions of quality sleep:

Compliance with the daily routine.

Sufficient activity during the daytime. This does not apply to women who have a medical contraindication to physical activity.

Well ventilated room.

Air humidity at the level of 40-60%.

Darkness + silence. This item is especially relevant for residents of city apartments, who are prevented from sleeping at night by street lighting and traffic noise. Blackout curtains and earplugs will help save the situation.

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In such conditions, a woman sleeps better during pregnancy, and in the morning she feels rested.

Summing up and answering questions about how to sleep properly for pregnant women and how many weeks it is necessary to rest in a certain position, the following points can be noted:

You need to focus on the sensations of your own body, not ignoring the recommendations of doctors.

The responsibility for the unborn child lies on the shoulders of a woman; a lot depends on her correct behavior.

Putting the interests of the crumbs above their own, the mother ensures the safety of her baby.

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