Causes of snoring during sleep

Snoring is a problem that affects the intimate side of human life. As a rule, people are embarrassed to seriously discuss this topic. But without knowing what the cause of snoring is, it is impossible to understand what needs to be done to eliminate it.

Snoring is the process of vibration of the soft tissues of the larynx, which is observed during the breathing of a sleeping person and is expressed in the form of a characteristic rattling sound.

At first glance, it seems that snoring is not something that can significantly affect a person’s quality of life. However, it is not.

Why is snoring dangerous?

Snoring can cause serious health problems and even death. Therefore, like any other disease, it is important to start treating it on time.

In a regular snorer, the breathing process during sleep is disturbed, which causes a lack of oxygen. In some cases, snoring can cause obstructive sleep apnea, a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep. Sometimes this disease can cause cardiac arrest. Apnea can be suspected if a person snores with whistling and sobbing. Sleep apnea symptoms also include:

  • snoring with a closed mouth;
  • frequent nightmares;
  • drowsiness, fatigue;
  • restless sleep, seemingly unreasonable awakenings.

People who snore heavily are at potential risk of heart attack and stroke, but are often unaware of the danger. Therefore, if you notice that your loved one has snoring, do not be shy to say so. On the contrary, urgent measures must be taken to get rid of it.

Origin mechanism

In the waking state, the human body functions as a whole, the muscles work in a coordinated manner. When breathing, air from the nasopharynx enters the larynx, and from there through the trachea into the bronchi and lungs.

When a person sleeps, the body is in a relaxed position. The muscles of the soft palate and larynx relax, and therefore the gap between them decreases. The breathing process is difficult, on exhalation the air cannot calmly pass through the walls of the larynx, as a result of which the person begins to breathe through the mouth and snoring occurs.

Main Causes and Treatments

The causes of snoring during sleep are quite diverse and are associated both with the presence of certain acquired habits, and with diseases and congenital characteristics of the body. Consider the common causes of its occurrence and ways to eliminate it.

  • Chronic runny nose. Rinsing the mouth and nasal cavity with a soda solution, furatsilin, and inhalation before bedtime can help.
  • Various pathologies – curvature of the nasal septum, malocclusion, palatine uvula elongated compared to the norm, enlarged tonsils, polyps in the nose. Treatment is aimed at removing mechanical obstructions, in most cases surgery is required.
  • Respiratory tract diseases – allergic rhinitis, asthma. Treatment consists of taking medications prescribed by a doctor and eliminating allergens (wipe off dust, close windows, remove fluff and wool products from the room).
  • Enlarged thyroid. The underlying disease is treated, additionally using traditional and folk methods to combat snoring.
  • Overweight. Obesity is one of the common causes of snoring: an excessive amount of adipose tissue contributes to a decrease in the passage between the pharynx and the soft palate. The best solution is a diet aimed at getting rid of excess weight. Also apply any methods of struggle, which will be described below.
  • Smoking. Cigarette smoke causes injury and swelling of the airways, causing the smoker to snore. You need to try to give up bad habits or at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke.
  • Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol reduces muscle tone, including the pharynx and palate, disrupts the functioning of the nervous system. The solution is to stop drinking alcohol 6 hours before bedtime.
  • Taking sleeping pills and antidepressants. These drugs cause relaxation, reduce muscle tone. May cause respiratory problems in the form of sudden snoring and apnea. To get rid of the night problem, you need to switch to lighter drugs or replace them with herbal infusions and relaxing exercises.
  • Change in hormonal background.
  • Stress, fatigue, insomnia.
  • Age changes.

According to statistics, snoring most often occurs in men and the elderly, as muscles lose elasticity and tone with age. In Russia, every fifth inhabitant suffers from this problem.

The causes of snoring are always individual. But, knowing the characteristics of your body, it is easy to determine them yourself and take all the necessary actions to get rid of this unpleasant and dangerous problem.

Traditional methods of struggle

Ways to treat snoring in a dream involve both the elimination of the causes of its occurrence, and the performance of certain actions aimed at preventing the recurrence of the disease.

Traditional methods of eliminating snoring include:

  1. Nasal sprays and drops that help relieve swelling, increase the tone of the muscles of the pharynx and palate, and facilitate the passage of air through the nasal passage.
  2. Special lozenges for resorption at bedtime (for example, Snorstop ). Lollipops allow you to maintain muscle tone even in a relaxed state.
  3. Nasal strips used to widen the nasal passage.
  4. Snoring clips.

Additional Methods

In the process of dealing with the disease, you can use additional methods.

  • Since snoring is most common on the back, it is necessary to place a non-fragile object (tennis ball, dumbbell) next to the snorer on the bed in order to prevent the person from rolling over onto their back in a dream. Most often, snoring does not occur in the side position.
  • Buy an anti-snoring pillow that helps keep your head in the correct position, as a result of which a person breathes exclusively through his nose during sleep.
  • In extreme cases, you can resort to using a special bracelet (sold in pharmacies). The device reacts to sounds and sends signals to the snorer’s brain, causing him to roll over and sleep on his side. In this case, the dream is not interrupted.
  • In hospitals, to relieve patients of the discomfort caused by the presence of snorers in the ward, they sometimes resort to the implantation of special implants. This method does not help to get rid of snoring, but provides others with healthy sleep.
  • A fairly effective method is the Good Night ring, which should be worn on the little finger. The principle of action is acupressure. On the inner surface of the ring there are 2 bulges that affect the acupuncture points responsible for nasal breathing.

Folk methods

In addition to the medical and conservative methods described above, there are methods for getting rid of snoring with folk remedies, which, despite their simplicity, are considered quite effective.

  1. Perform inhalations using eucalyptus, lavender, pine branches immediately 10-20 minutes before going to bed. This will help clear the airways and constrict the blood vessels in the nasopharynx.
  2. Bury sea buckthorn or other essential oil without a strong odor into the nasal cavity a few minutes before bedtime. The procedure does not require special skills, but gives a real result. If the mucous membrane is lubricated with essential oil, the muscles of the larynx do not constrict and air circulates normally through the nose.

True, it should still be recognized that folk methods, as well as the use of various medical instruments, do not treat the causes of night snoring, but only eliminate its consequences.


Snoring is not a harmless personal trait that can bring discomfort to others. In medicine, it qualifies as a serious problem that poses a threat to human health and even human life. The causes and treatment of snoring are determined individually. However, some techniques (folk remedies, massage, a number of medical accessories) can be applied before the causes of snoring in a dream are accurately determined. This will reduce the risk of negative consequences.

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