Doctors told how weight loss can harm health

Too drastic weight loss or “extreme” methods of gaining harmony in almost 90 out of 100 cases cause weight loss for health-losing people, experts say.

Do not strive to lose weight at all costs. Not always getting rid of kilograms is beneficial to the body.

Drop in blood pressure and problems with thinking. These troubles often await supporters of a carbohydrate-free diet. Methods to limit the intake of carbohydrates really often help to lose weight, but often they follow too eagerly – they remove almost any carbohydrates from their diet. But many food sources of carbohydrates are important for the brain. When they are deficient, brain tissues begin to starve, which impairs the quality of cognitive functions and contributes to conditions associated with a drop in blood pressure.

Bad teeth. This may be due to insufficient intake of fatty foods or the use of fat-burning drugs. Many fatty foods are a source of vitamin D, for example, egg yolk, dairy products. Too low levels of vitamin D correlate with calcium deficiency in the body, hence the weakness of bones and teeth.

Gastrointestinal diseases. According to scientists, due to the insufficient amount of food by passionate advocates of fasting methods, gastric juice can harm the tissues of the stomach that are corroded by its acids. Ulcers can occur on the inside of the stomach.

Decreased renal function. Means for reducing appetite and other weight-loss drugs affect the salt and water balance in the body (many of them contribute to the effect of losing weight by activating the urinary system). This can hit the kidneys.

Depression. Any weight loss is stress for the body, experts remind. The more significant and the sharper, the more stress. In such circumstances, the production of hormones in the body is rearranged, so that a deficiency of some substances and an excess of others may occur. Due to the influence of certain hormones and the specific sensitivity of receptors to them, emotional issues can develop.

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