If you really want to sleep, what to do?

Why do people suffer from sleepiness, and what to do if they feel sleepy? Millions of people around the world search and find answers to these questions every day . Many people have had to deal with intermittent sleepiness, but some people always suffer from it.        

In order to assess the magnitude of this problem, it is worth referring to the experience of people who have encountered it.  

Here are some short stories taken from one medical portal: 

“I really want to sleep, what to do with it? I feel tired all the time. I want to sleep day and night. I tried to get rid of sleep by different methods, but nothing helps. It’s very hard to work. Help get rid of the urge to sleep all day. ” Andrey O.       

“Why do you constantly want to sleep, and how to get rid of sleep? I spend a lot of time on night shifts. I get very tired, but I can’t even take a nap at work. Daytime sleep does not help. ” Valery K.       

“I want to sleep all the time and go sleepy all day. I have tried many ways to combat sleep. Some help, but only temporarily. I am constantly in search of new methods to combat sleepiness. ” Ivan D.       

“It often happens that if you want to sleep during the day , then at night the desire disappears and you will not get enough sleep. The desire to sleep has disappeared, and then day comes, and again the desire to sleep. ” Anton M.        

“I sleep a lot, but I do n’t get enough sleep and I always feel tired. I used to be younger, and this did not affect my well-being so much , but with age it got worse. What if you really want to sleep? ” Alexander T.         

Causes of drowsiness

How to beat sleep? First you need to find the reasons. It is known that there is no smoke without fire . The story is exactly the same with the onset of drowsiness. The reasons can be both natural and caused by the intervention of third-party factors.     

Lack of sleep is the most natural cause of sleepiness and lethargy. The body needs rest to restore energy balance, and if it is not given the right amount of time for this , the brain automatically begins to turn on the sleep centers.     

Stress, like lack of sleep, is one of the most common causes of sleepiness.  

Boredom refers to the psychological causes of sleepiness and lethargy.  

In winter, daylight hours become shorter. With drowsiness, the body reacts to a decrease in daylight hours and a decrease in temperature.   

Lowered immunity can also cause drowsiness.

Another reason is vitamin deficiency. 

Some types of medications have side effects that make you sleepy.

Pregnancy is becoming a serious test for the female body. It is not surprising that during pregnancy, women may experience not only general weakness, but also cravings for sleep.   

Before embarking on an implacable struggle with the desire to sleep, it is worth making sure that the ailment is not caused by any serious causes or diseases. In otherwise struggle with symptoms of success is not crowned.      

If the craving for sleep does not have any serious reasons, then the fight against it can be carried out in different ways. Some of them are suitable in all conditions, while others will require privacy.        

Fighting sleep at work  

How to cope with sleep at work? The boss will not like the sleeping worker . Most people have had to deal with such a problem at least once in their lives , and some have suffered from drowsiness for many years.        

If you really want to sleep, then it might be worth changing jobs. This is often how the brain reacts to unpleasant and boring activities. And since nothing can be done about it.     

If a job change is not possible, then other options are worth considering. You can use your lunch break to get some sleep during the day. Co- workers are more likely to make this a joke, but health is more expensive. Even a short nap after lunch is good for recuperating.     

If a short nap does not help, then try to create a suitable atmosphere. This can be done with the help of music and smells. When you feel sleepy, it is best to avoid calm and relaxing music. Put on something rhythmic and invigorating.      

Certain smells can also make you sleepy. Avoid sweet aromas that cause fatigue and apathy. It is best to avoid any specific odors. Too intense irritation of the olfactory receptors quickly exhausts the nervous system and leads to fatigue.   

Among the conditions that affect the state of vigor of a person, the temperature of the surrounding space deserves special attention. Correctly selected temperature regime is a guarantee that you will not fall asleep at the workplace. The optimum temperature in the room is not should not exceed 19 degrees.        

Simple food helps to cope with sleepiness. If the bosses don’t mind, then prepare a few sandwiches or a pack of nuts.    

Certain substances have an invigorating effect on the human body. In addition to traditional coffee, which in large quantities depletes the nervous system, other remedies are also known. L-carnitine solution has an invigorating effect. In addition to burning fat, this drink invigorates well and has a positive effect on the nervous system. The drug allows you to overcome the consequences of psychoemotional overload and stimulates the restoration of nervous tissue. The only negative is the price. Consuming it all the time can empty your wallet.       

Green tea is also good for fighting sleep. Several cups throughout the day will help ward off fatigue and overcome sleep. In such a drink is to add a few drops of lemongrass and ginseng. One cup of tea in the afternoon is also good for the work spirit.    

Of the auxiliary preparations, it is worth mentioning the vitamins of group B. Admission of the vitamin complex in the morning will relieve sleep and eliminate the consequences of nervous exhaustion.     

Exercise at work 

What to do if all of the above has been tried, but you want to sleep at work the same way as before? Physical activity can be increased further if work conditions permit . Short but frequent exercises for the neck and the eye will help to cheer up and get rid of sleepiness.          

Try rotating your head clockwise with long pauses. The neck muscles contain a large number of receptors that stimulate the activity of the cerebral cortex.   

It’s also a good idea to do an eye exercise every 45 minutes. To do this, you should focus on some object, and then turn your attention to what is closer or further away. A change in focus not only raises the muscle tone of the eyeball, but also helps to activate attention.       

Fighting sleepiness at home 

On the one hand, it is much easier to overcome the desire to sleep at home, because no one limits you in the choice of means. And with another home yourself can be difficult something to do, and resist the temptation to surrender to sleep much more difficult.       

Walking in the fresh air helps a lot . The movement and flow of fresh air make the nervous system go into an active mode of operation. If a simple walk is not enough, then you can go for a run. Just like at work, coping with sleepiness at home requires creating an atmosphere.        

Active music, such as a rhythmic drum roll or some kind of dance tune, will help drive away sleep. There is another good method that should not be used at work. It is associated with the use of garlic. The pungent smell in moderation will keep you awake, but the main thing is not to overdo it.        

Massage as a method of combating drowsiness 

What to do if all the above methods are powerless and you still want to sleep? In this case, there is only one thing left – massage. There are several types of massage that can help relieve a sluggish state. Among them are:    

massage of the cervical spine;

fingertip massage;

facial massage;

auricle massage.

Warming up the cervical spine with the palms helps not only improve blood circulation, but also stimulate the activity of the areas of the cerebral cortex responsible for the state of vigor. It is better to start the massage with smooth movements, moving from the upper part of the neck to the base, gradually increasing the intensity. It is best to repeat the massage once every half hour.        

Massage the fingers should be started with the little finger of the left hand, gradually moving towards the thumb. According to this same scheme it is necessary to massage the fingers of his right hand. There are many nerve endings in the fingertips, the excitation of which allows you to activate the corresponding parts of the cerebral cortex.     

A facial massage along with a cold wash will help invigorate even the most sleepy person. The massage is carried out according to the following scheme: lips, nose, eyebrows. The tips of the ears, as well as the fingers, contain nerve endings. They can be influenced by rubbing the lobes and the upper edges of the cartilage. Use these methods, and drowsiness will leave you like it , and not before.         

People often ask the question: “What if you want to sleep all the time during the daytime and at work?” There are no simple answers to this question . The individual characteristics of each organism do not allow warding off sleep with the help of stereotyped actions. You need to experiment and look for new options. Perhaps during the search, the dream will go away by itself.     

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