Sleep disorders

Here are the most common types of sleep disorders:

1. Insomnia

This type of disorder is the most common. It is difficult for a person to fall asleep, and when it finally succeeds, the sleep does not last long and the body does not get proper rest. Insomnia is a regular phenomenon and has its own reasons:       

  • bad habits, medicines;
  • stress, depression;
  • external stimuli.

2. Disruption of short sleep phase (behavioral disorder)

With such a disorder, a person can jump up abruptly in a dream and move chaotically, causing injury to himself and others. REM sleep dysfunction can be caused by antidepressants and neurological diseases.    

3. Restless legs syndrome

Sleep disturbance often occurs due to discomfort in the lower extremities. The person feels unpleasant tingling and distention in the legs that occur at rest. There can be several reasons for RLS:      

  • lack of trace elements and vitamins; 
  • chronic organ diseases;
  • hereditary factors.

4. Apnea

This disorder can become dangerous, as it is characterized by airway spasm and even short-term respiratory arrest. A person suffering from apnea experiences headaches, fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. Treatment of this condition requires special attention and is carried out using CPAP machines.     

5. Sleepwalking

This state is characterized by being awake in sleep. A somnambulist can walk, answer questions, and engage in common activities while unconscious.      

6. Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy manifests itself as excessive sleepiness and sleep duration. Experts suggest that the cause of this condition is a lack of specific hormones responsible for the vitality of the body.  

7. Knocking and gnashing of teeth 

The name of this disorder is bruxism . Its causes are also associated with psychological and neurological factors. This condition brings a lot of trouble in the form of diseases of the jaw joints and enamel chips.     

8. Nightmares in a dream 

Various mental disorders and stressful conditions can provoke nightmares. Unpleasant dreams make you wake up suddenly, worry and experience intense fear.  

All sleep disorders are treated by eliminating their neurological, mental and physical causes. If it doesn’t work out on your own , you should contact a specialist.    

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