5 signs of liver cirrhosis

To successfully resist the destruction of the liver as a result of the development of cirrhosis, you need to be able to diagnose this ailment in yourself in time. Although at the beginning of the disease, the external symptoms are often not very noticeable, there are still certain signs of this disease. They can be used to diagnose cirrhosis in advance and start appropriate treatment on time.      

The first signs of liver cirrhosis

The first signs or symptoms that can preliminarily diagnose liver cirrhosis at an early stage are:  

  • decreased appetite and weight loss. This symptom means that a diseased, weakened liver is not able to maintain metabolism at the same level, metabolism decreases, and with it the appetite;
  • weakness. With cirrhosis, the human immune system weakens, all the body’s forces are aimed at maintaining the diseased organ, as a result of which the person weakens and quickly gets tired;
  • aching pain in the right side or right hypochondrium;  
  • an increase in the size of the liver and spleen.

In the future, the development of cirrhosis suggests the occurrence of other symptoms, some of which are visible only when examining the gastrointestinal tract or a blood test. Cirrhosis of the liver is incurable and deadly. In addition, cirrhosis can also result in complications that are no less life-threatening for the patient.  

In order to correctly diagnose, the doctor prescribes the patient to take a blood test to determine its biochemical composition and the presence of the hepatitis virus, an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, gastroscopy, sometimes liver biopsy, as well as magnetic resonance imaging to clarify the general picture of changes in the liver and other organs. After all the analyzes and studies, a course of treatment is prescribed, which involves, in addition to taking medications or surgery, a special diet and adherence to a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits in order to avoid complications of diseases. 

5 clear signs of cirrhosis

Despite the fact that the early stage of liver cirrhosis can proceed almost imperceptibly, there are still several main signs of the disease:

  1. yellowness of the skin and mucous membranes. This indicates an increase in the level of bilirubins in the blood, which give such a color to the skin;
  2. redness of the palms and feet. With the development of liver cirrhosis, the rate of destruction of estrogen in the blood decreases. Its excess leads to the expansion of the capillaries on the palms and blood flow to them, which causes their red color;  
  3. spider veins. These are tiny capillary tumors from which small capillary branches diverge. Such “stars” appear for the same reason as red palms;
  4. with an excess of estrogen, there are other symptoms that depend on hormonal levels: female-type obesity (sides and hips), decreased testicles, decreased libido, gynecomastia.  
  5. a significant increase in the abdomen due to the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity due to cirrhosis of the liver, as well as a rather noticeable effect of “Medusa’s head” – dilated veins on the abdomen radiating from the navel “rays”.

Knowing these symptoms, you are at least armed and, at the slightest suspicion, now see a doctor. Since delay in this case can cost the liver or even life, so never put off your visits to specialists.

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