Multiple sclerosis – how to live next?

In fact, no matter how terrible the diagnosis is, the presence of multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence! Yes, this disease makes life much more difficult. But, it is enough just to follow certain rules, and life will begin to gradually improve. Multiple sclerosis is still an incurable disease. So, you should get used to it and adapt to certain inconveniences. 


Try to use as little medication as possible. Even antidepressants prescribed by your doctor should not be taken all the time. After all, the body will quickly get used to it. And it will be very difficult to leave them. Instead of using antidepressants, try to distract yourself. Do what you’ve always enjoyed. For example, start drawing or writing books.

In addition, the load on the heart, liver and stomach will be great during treatment. Do not burden your body with additional medications. Especially, such as analgin.

Dental treatment for MS

Contrary to the opinion of most people with MS, dental treatment and even anesthesia are not contraindicated in this disease. Rather the opposite. If you endure a toothache, a person becomes nervous. And this is already contraindicated in MS.


Eat the right diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, greens, various seafood, and if we are talking about meat, then dietary (chicken, white).

Since a patient with MS will develop leg problems sooner or later, it is best to maintain a healthy body weight. So that the load on the legs is not great.

Clothes and footwear

Because the immune system is weakened in MS, you should always dress warm to avoid catching a cold.

When it comes to footwear, a person with MS should immediately discard such footwear as:

– Sandals, slippers (which are not attached to the leg). Indeed, patients are likely to have decreased sensitivity in the legs and especially in the feet.

– Shoes with heels or high soles. It is difficult for people with MS to control their legs. And often, thinking that while moving, the leg is raised high enough, touches the asphalt and falls. The same goes for the weight of the shoe. Choose lighter shoes with thin soles.

If the patient has a disability, then the ideal option is to order special shoes for patients with problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Sports and physical activity

With this disease, heavy loads are contraindicated. However, sports should be done to the best of their ability. Walking will be especially useful. Desirable every day, at least half an hour.

Do a light workout several times a day.

If you have problems with your legs in the form of tremors that prevent you from falling asleep at night, you should train your calves on your legs. Try to stand on one leg, raising your torso on your toes. Do this exercise on both legs, in turn, as much as you have strength, until a burning sensation appears in the calves.


When diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you can immediately forget about working with heavy physical activity. Some work from home might be ideal. For example, freelancing, working on the phone, or writing articles.

Crutches and wheelchairs

Most people with MS will develop foot problems sooner or later. However, this does not mean that you need to stock up on crutches, and even more so – a wheelchair.

However, you should buy a cane just in case.


Due to the fact that a person with multiple sclerosis has a disrupted vestibular apparatus, the patient often becomes ill in transport. So, if you are thinking of going somewhere, buy motion sickness pills and ammonia. In transport, sit in front, closer to the exit.

Many people with MS have panic attacks and lack of air in crowded places. Especially on the subway.


People with this disease are very weak and tired. So, try not to overexert yourself. Rest if you feel tired.

As for outdoor recreation, then you need to consider that getting the sun on your head is dangerous for this disease. Try to be in the shade. And wear a sun hat on your head.

A hot bath is also harmful to people with MS.

Thus, observing these non-tricky rules, it will be possible to feel normal even with such a disease as multiple sclerosis.

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