Shipping Policy

According to our shipping policy, our customer is guaranteed to receive an order within the indicated period and without any damages. We work with reliable and safe shipment companies, that will deliver any item in a good condition.

Two options of the shipment are available:

  • EMS shipment (a customer will receive an order within 6-8 business days. This type of the shipment is the fastest, bear this in mind).
  • AirMail (a customer will open the package in 4-5 weeks).

Make sure to enter a correct address and name to get your package in time. Pay attention, that a period of the shipment may vary (a package may be delivered faster or longer). It depends on holidays, season, weather conditions, and other factors. Also, if you ordered Provigil on Saturday, we will process and send your order on Monday. Make sure to plan your treatment, as your health conditions should not be neglected.

Quality Packing Materials!

We carefully pack every product using modern, protective, and quality materials. We do not send outdated medical products. Before sending any order, we carefully check whether all items are available and in a good condition.

Moreover, we use solid materials. Be prepared to receive a simple envelope (do not be surprised to it) without any names of a product on it. This envelope will contain your pills. We value a personality and a confidentiality of our customers, and so, no one will know about products, that you have ordered online.

If any order was not arrived in the indicated period (more than 8 weeks), please inform us about it by means of:

  • email
  • special blank on our page
  • contacting our customer support

Sometimes the packages are lost, or delayed for some reasons. In this case, we will send you another package with the same amount of products free of charge. We want you to receive your quality medications for the successful treatment.

Order Status

An order status is an essential part of every internet shopping. And our services are not an exception. Any customer can be a part of every step of the ordering procedure. Any changes of the order status will be sent to a customer’s email address for the convenience. Moreover, any order status details may be checked on a customer’s profile on our page.

Being informed about an order means that any our customer is absolutely involved in this process and is following a proper execution of the terms. The order status information may be instantly checked at any time, so that there is always a possibility to plan any activity and a treatment. It is very convenient, as a customer will know, when the order has been accepted, whether a payment has been approved, and when the pills have been packed and sent. Our goal is to be as open to our customers as possible.

Balanced System!

Due to the up-to-date technologies, we can guarantee an in time processing and a shipment of any order. We constantly check for new methods how to improve our skills and protect all your personal and financial data. With our great experience, we have built a competent and professional team, that will instantly react to any problems (if there are any), and provide you with only approved, high-end, and genuine products and services. Feel free to contact us for more details about your order status.

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To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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