Do you ask for a prescription?

No, we do not. Any medicine is for sale without prescription.

How to place an order?

Ordering online is simple. Select the needed number of the pills, add them to our shopping cart, and then you will have to enter your email, address, and name. Every step is described in details on the site, for your convenience.

How many pills may I buy?

We do not have strict limitations. Order as many pills as you need.

When will I receive the pills?

It depends on a shipment method you have selected. In general, shipping takes about 4 weeks.

How do you deliver the order?

We offer two ways of the shipment: EMS and AirMail. The package will be arrived in 8 business days during the EMS, and in 5 weeks during AirMail.

In what countries do you send the pills?

We work internationally. So it does not matter, where you live.

Do you have quality certificates?

Yes, all products, that are represented on the website,meet the international quality standards. We do not sell medications without official papers.

How to contact you?

We are open for any question. Contact us by email, contact us page, or by our website.

Who can buy medicines online?

Any person who is 18 years old has the right to buy medications online.

How to pay for my order?

A payment process is simple. We use special secured billing systems, you just have to enter your name and a number of your bank card on a special page during placing the order.

Do you accept any cash?

No, we don't. We accept only Visa, E-Checks, and MasterCard.

Will Provigil help me to stay awake?

It has been medically proved, that taking Provigil helps people to get the energy and avoid any sleepiness. In any case, we recommend our customers to see a doctor before taking any medications. Moreover, try to avoid taking the drug before going to bed, otherwise you will have insomnia.

Does it cause any adverse effects?

Every human body is individual, and we do not know for sure how the body accepts one, or another medical product. So, you may have some side effects such as headache, insomnia, and excitement. It is better to see a doctor, if you have any symptoms.

When do you send the packages?

All orders are processed within 24 hours, and so we will send an order in 24 hours, or so.

Why is the cost of the drug low?

We supply medicines directly from the manufacturers, and we do not use any additional services. It gives us the right to offer medications at a real cost.

What is a shelf-life of medical products?

In general, any medicine should be nicely stored within 2 years. In any case, every medicine has its own recommendations for the storage. Please, find them in the instructions.

How do you pack the order?

We use only professional, secured material to pack the order. You will receive an envelope with the pills. The pills are packed in a blister, and so they are protected against any damages during the transportation.

Why is my payment denied?

Sometimes a bank has some limitations for the internet payments. Please, contact your bank, whether they have it. Also, the payment may be declined, when there is not enough credit on your bank account. Make sure to have the needed sum to pay for the order.

How to cancel the order?

When you have added the pills to the shopping cart, you will have an opportunity to cancel it by clicking on the button next to the name of the pills. If you have already paid for the order, we cannot cancel the order.

Will I have a tracking number?

All orders that will be delivered by means of the EMS will have a tracking number. Due to it, you will be able to see a progress of your order. In case of another way of the shipment, there is no tracking number available. However, a customer may follow the ordering process on our page, in customer’s profile.

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