Which side is best to sleep on during pregnancy?

Pregnant girls and women have to face a number of restrictions. They should change their daily routine, monitor their diet more strictly, take vitamins as prescribed by the doctor, and give up bad habits. Changes also apply to sleep – those who are expecting a baby should not sleep in any positions, because some of them can harm the fetus. Consider which side to sleep on during pregnancy at different times and how to properly organize a bed.

First trimester

At this time, doctors allow the expectant mother to choose almost any position for sleeping. While you can still sleep on your stomach – this will not affect the health of the child. The size of the uterus remains the same, it does not put pressure on other internal organs. The only thing that can stop you from sleeping on your stomach is the fear of harming the child, the desire to “play it safe”. But girls who are expecting a baby should calm down – there are no contraindications during this period. You can lie on your back, on your stomach, on your side, even lie in the “starfish” position. The “fetal” position is allowed, but it is not the most beneficial for health in general.

Sleep in the second trimester

Already from 14 weeks it is not recommended to lie on the stomach. The uterus increases in size. Now the pelvic bones will not be able to protect her, and amniotic fluid becomes less. Sleeping on your stomach from the second trimester is not recommended.

In addition, doctors advise gradually giving up sleeping on your back. The fetus increases, and the pressure of the uterus on the internal organs of the pregnant woman increases. Sleeping on your back can cause headaches, low blood pressure, heaviness in the abdomen, problems with stools, and heart problems (tachycardia). In this position, the spine of the expectant mother is tense, so she will not be able to rest normally.

The best position for the second trimester is sleeping on your side (any). It is allowed at the very beginning to sleep in the “fetal” position, later this should be abandoned.

third trimester

From week 27, more restrictions are introduced. Experts advise sleeping only on your side – other positions may be dangerous for the health of the girl and the unborn baby.

The best sleeping position during this period is on the left side. This maintains normal blood circulation, capable of providing blood supply to the uterus. This is an important condition for the proper formation of the fetus. In this position, there is no pressure on the liver, the organs function normally, the back is relaxed.

Sleeping on the right side is not recommended. Some people think that this is better than sleeping on the left side, where the heart is. But it just will not suffer during sleep, but lying on the right side can bring bad consequences. This position is a serious burden on the internal organs, which already work many times more actively during pregnancy. In this position, blood circulation worsens, which in some cases causes fainting, difficulty breathing the fetus, or even death.

Why is the position of the child important when choosing a sleeping position?

Pregnant women should visit the doctor regularly. Examinations will help maintain health and identify possible pathologies in the early stages. The doctor will give advice on which position is suitable for sleeping, after determining the position of the child.

If transverse or breech presentation is confirmed , it is usually worth sleeping for a while on the side where the baby’s head is located. This will help the baby return to a normal position before giving birth.

It is impossible to independently identify the incorrect position of the fetus – this should be done by a specialist. It is he who will advise the pose. Do not self-medicate, if you experience discomfort during sleep, contact your doctor as soon as possible. If the child is in the wrong position, the doctor explains what physical exercises should be done and how to sleep better.

How to organize a bed

The quality of rest depends on how the place to sleep is organized. In pregnant women, the load on the body increases, so it is important to get enough sleep, restoring strength. To get better sleep, you should pay attention to bedding.

The mattress for sleeping should be of medium hardness – not too soft, but not “stone”. Its task is to keep the spine in the correct position. For the same purpose, it is worth choosing the right pillow. Give preference to small pillows with synthetic filling – the risk of developing allergies is reduced.

Bedding – preferably cotton – should be washed as it gets dirty (at least once a week). It is also worth keeping an eye on the pillow and mattress, avoiding the accumulation of a large amount of dust.

There are special pillows for pregnant women. They are usually U-shaped, from 150 centimeters long. It is comfortable to sleep on such models – part of them can be placed between the knees, being in the most comfortable position. This bedding will come in handy after childbirth. Usually, manufacturers choose hypoallergenic fillers, and several cotton pillowcases are included. You can choose a suitable pillow in online stores – their choice is large, so it is easy to find a model for any girl.

General recommendations for good sleep

  • Pregnant women need to review the daily routine, trying to go to bed and get up at the same time.
  • The room should be dark enough so that the light does not interfere with normal sleep.
  • Shortly before sleep, it is recommended to take a walk in the fresh air, listen to soothing music.
  • It is better not to watch TV and give up gadgets closer to the night – this can interfere with falling asleep.
  • An hour or two before bedtime, you can drink weak tea, for example, herbal tea. But before use, you should consult a doctor – not all herbal preparations are useful for pregnant women.
  • Airing the room provides a sound, full sleep, during which strength is restored, the body rests. If the room is stuffy, it is more difficult to fall asleep, and bad dreams may disturb you. You also need to clean it regularly, avoiding the accumulation of dust.
  • Do not replay the troubles that happened during the day in your head. This will not help to solve them, but will only disrupt sleep and bring down the established regime. Think about pleasant things, remember happy moments, dream.
  • Reading children’s fairy tales, especially aloud, will help you relax, and besides, you will practice reading to your unborn baby.
  • Make your room cozy by filling it with cute things that please the eye. These can be figurines, small shelves with books, toys for a child, even beautiful bedding. When the bedroom is comfortable, falling asleep is much easier and more enjoyable.

Reviews from the forums – how to sleep better

  • Pregnant girls and young mothers say that by the second trimester they usually refuse to sleep on their stomach. For many, this causes discomfort – before it was a favorite position, it was difficult to wean from it. But during pregnancy, sleeping on your stomach is contraindicated, so I had to sacrifice habits for the sake of my health and the unborn baby.
  • In the first trimester, pregnant women enjoy a variety of positions. They often prefer to sleep in a starfish position or on their back. It is worth remembering that already in the second trimester these poses will have to be abandoned.
  • Expecting babies say that sleeping on the side is the most comfortable, especially in the third trimester, when other positions are not suitable. At the same time, girls are advised to change the position of their arms and legs more often to avoid leakage. Unpleasant sensations during sleep can be minimized by choosing a special pillow.

It is worth remembering that all cases are individual, so do not neglect the advice of a doctor. What works for your pregnant friend may not work for you. Much depends on the state of health, the position of the fetus and other factors. Listen to the doctors, while not ignoring your feelings.

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