What can you eat with liver cirrhosis?

For any liver disease, special diet is the key to a successful recovery . Cirrhosis in this case is no exception. With cirrhosis of the liver, an unambiguous “taboo” is imposed on many foods, but depending on the type of cirrhosis, certain foods can be either prohibited or allowed.     

Diet for patients with liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a liver disease caused by hepatitis “delta” or C, as well as alcohol abuse for a long time (several years) or taking pharmacological drugs affecting the liver.

When treating cirrhosis of the liver, diet or table “number five” is mandatory.

A therapeutic diet, together with general treatment measures, prevents the progression of the disease, increases the ability of liver cells to recover, normalizes metabolism and activates human immunity, preventing possible complications, acting as an aid for the treatment of the disease. 

The diet is designed taking into account the type of disease, the reasons that caused it, and the presence of complications or other diseases. While maintaining the ability of the liver to neutralize ammonia, which is formed when consuming protein, a large amount of it is included in the diet: cottage cheese, fish, milk, poultry, egg white. Such a diet is useful for alcoholic cirrhosis , as proteins increase the repair function of the liver.    

If the ability to neutralize ammonia is impaired, protein should be significantly limited or even completely eliminated from the diet. At the same time, fat intake is also reduced to a minimum, and the amount of carbohydrates is increased (if there is no obesity). 

In general, it is necessary to exclude spicy, salty, fried, smoked from the diet, giving preference mainly to boiled and raw light foods, fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

Smoking and alcohol for liver cirrhosis

Alcohol is the number one enemy of the liver. Taking even a small amount destroys liver cells and eventually leads to irreversible consequences. Therefore, for any type of cirrhosis, not necessarily caused by alcoholism, a complete rejection of alcohol, even a mild one, is needed. Otherwise, the liver, weakened by cirrhosis, will continue to deteriorate.

Smoking as a process of consuming toxic substances is also a risk factor. And with the development of cirrhosis, a weakened liver is not able to cleanse the body of tobacco poison, which greatly affects the treatment of cirrhosis.

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