Multiple sclerosis: has a treatment been found?

Multiple sclerosis is a fairly significant disease of the central nervous system. It appears at a young age and leads to disability.

The cause of this disease is still unclear. There is no answer to the question why women get sick more often (twice) than men or why it is more common in cold Scandinavian countries than in warm southern ones.

This disease is called a thousand-face disease because it has no specific symptoms. Patients go to the doctor with various complaints: loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness of the limbs, paralysis, fatigue, loss of vision and pain. The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is very difficult even for experienced neurologists, it is easy to confuse it with another disease.

Estimation of the number of patients with multiple sclerosis in the world is inaccurate, since not all countries have the equipment for its diagnosis.

The disease is treatable in the initial stages and is not treatable at later stages. This is due to the fact that so far only the basic mechanisms of the course of the disease have been studied, but why the destruction of nerve cells begins has not yet been clarified. The earlier the disease is detected and diagnosed, the correct treatment is prescribed, which is the more significant chance for the sick person to postpone his disability for a longer period.

One thing is clear: not a single option for healing this dangerous disease has been registered in the world, not a single drug has been invented for this insidious disease.

Currently, six drugs are used to slow the disease process: Copaxone , Novantrone , Rebif , Avonex , Betaferon and Tisebri . To the patient, they are found only subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

US pharmaceutical companies are working on new drugs that the patient will use orally: Laquinimod, Fingolimod , Milinax, Teriflunomide , BG-12, CDP323.

Scientists from America have discovered the newest way to heal diseases of the human nervous system. For the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, they suggest using previously unknown substances from human blood cells. These substances, according to scientists, should have an effect on the patient’s body, as a result of which multiple sclerosis will be cured. The research process was lengthy. Scientists have found that the new cells found are a type of lymphocyte. They are responsible for the production of molecules that in turn suppress inflammation. Scientists believe that the method of treatment they have developed will lay the foundation for a new direction in world medicine, which will soon triumph over multiple sclerosis.

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