9 tips to cope with a sleepless night

Adequate sleep is the key to well-being. But what if you couldn’t even lie down at night? And there is still a whole working day ahead. How to cheer up after a sleepless night and cope with drowsiness with dignity?

And at this time in the body …

Have you ever wondered what happens in the body, forced to adapt to lack of sleep? Doctors say that the body is not at all happy with such experiments.

Even one sleepless night leads to the following disorders:

  • irritability increases;
  • mood swings occur;
  • brain work slows down;
  • metabolism worsens;
  • the risk of developing diabetes mellitus increases (against the background of reduced glucose uptake);
  • headaches occur;
  • a feeling of weakness, apathy appears;
  • there is a risk of obesity (the body requires high-calorie food for conversion into energy).

If a person often practices sleepless nights, then he has an increased risk of developing very serious diseases associated with improper brain function (Alzheimer’s disease).

What to do after a sleepless night?

The reasons why you never got enough sleep at night can be very different. But regardless of the source of the problem, in the morning you need to somehow cheer up and even endure the whole day. To cope with such a mission with dignity, heed the following tips.

If you know in advance about the upcoming sleepless night, then try to prepare for it. Get some sleep for the future. This will make it much easier to handle failures in the mode.

Healthy breakfast

The body needs energy. So, be sure to throw food into the firebox in the morning. Give only preference to a healthy breakfast that will make you an active person.

In the morning, protein and highly nutritious foods are recommended:

  • yoghurts;
  • eggs;
  • tofu cheese;
  • fresh fruits;
  • oatmeal.

Morning coffee

Drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea) can help alleviate drowsiness. They will fill you with energy. In addition, doctors have come to the conclusion that coffee is very useful for humans, of course, if the drink is not abused.

It is recommended to drink coffee until 15-16 hours. Taking a flavorful drink later can lead to insomnia. And do not get too carried away with tea or coffee. After all, such an addiction can turn into high irritability, anxiety. 

You shouldn’t replace coffee with energy drinks. The latter contain an increased dose of caffeine and can actually trigger an instant boost of energy. But at what cost! Energy drinks very much deplete the human body. It is not surprising that after the end of their action, the unfortunate one simply falls off his feet.

Drink water

Remember to drink enough water after a sleepless night. The liquid allows you to normalize the functioning of internal organs. But dehydration, combined with lack of sleep, seriously reduces performance and increases fatigue.

Hold on until the evening

Drowsiness will periodically come during the day. Try not to be tempted to drop everything and get enough sleep. Otherwise, you will completely knock out your biological clock.

If sleepiness has completely fettered your body and mind, then give in to your desires. Give yourself a chance to take a nap. But no more than 20 minutes. Be sure to set an alarm to keep you from falling into deep sleep and sleeping until nightfall.

Regular snacks

How to survive a sleepless night and a working day? Take a short snack periodically. Remember that your body needs more fuel to be energized today. However, do not overuse high-calorie foods, otherwise you will take a step towards obesity.

Eat fresh fruits rich in vitamins, nuts. Take these snacks every time you feel a decrease in performance or a loss of strength.

Hearty lunch

The body requires “refueling” not only in the morning, but also at lunchtime. Therefore, be sure to support yourself with a full and hearty lunch. In this case, you can endure the second half of the day.

Try to avoid high-calorie foods and sweets. Such food can easily cause fatigue.

Increased activity

To stay awake during the day, periodically practice physical activity. Even a little exercise will be enough to relieve drowsiness. If you don’t like physical education, then just walk around the office or along the corridor.  

If weather permits, go outside. Sunlight helps to increase vitality and energy.

External incentives

Provide fresh air by opening the window open (or periodically open it for ventilation). Adequate oxygen content has a beneficial effect on the entire body and increases the performance of the brain. It is desirable that the air in the room be slightly cool. This will keep you awake.

From time to time, you can turn on your favorite music, which tunes in to the working mood. Of course, it shouldn’t be a slow lullaby-like song. Otherwise, you will definitely fall asleep.

Eliminate multitasking

Even if on ordinary days you are a real Julius Caesar, capable of doing several things at the same time, after a lack of sleep, you should not overload yourself. Analyze your work schedule. Choose the most urgent matters. And start with them. But do them one at a time. After a sleepless night, the brain is completely unable to quickly and correctly switch between different activities. Therefore, those who practice multitasking in such conditions are forced to redo everything later.

Working after a sleepless night shouldn’t be monotonous. Routine will simply drag you in and sleepiness will prevail.

And 2 more tips

After a sleepless night, don’t drive. Doctors say that a sleepy person behaves in almost the same way as a drunk. Therefore, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks and prefer public transport or taxi.

Don’t drink alcohol. Lack of sleep in combination with alcoholic beverages will lead to rapid intoxication and a significant deterioration in the condition.

After a sleepless night and a day at work, be sure to plan a good rest. Allow your body to recover properly and fully.

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