How does alcohol affect the body?

Thanks to alcohol, countless accidents, crimes, rapes have occurred. This is when viewed from a social point of view. But few people think about what effect alcohol has on our body and organs.

I think everyone understands that alcohol does not bring any benefit to the body. He only does harm.

Alcohol has a destructive effect on all tissues and organs, dissolving perfectly in the blood.

If you consumed 100 grams of vodka, then about seven and a half thousand cells were destroyed in the brain. As you know, these cells are not restored. The functions of the dead cells are taken over by the survivors. But if the use of alcohol occurs systematically, then soon the brain will not perform its functions.

The most damaging effect of alcohol is on the liver. If you drink alcohol in small quantities, then tragedy will not happen. But if you consume in large quantities, the liver cells will die. If you get into the habit of consistently drinking large amounts of alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver may develop. This is a very serious illness.

When it enters the stomach, alcohol affects the entire digestive function. If you often drink alcohol, then get ready for alcoholic gastritis. Alcohol affects the WHOLE body, including the sex gland. When a man drinks alcohol, potency develops in almost half of the cases.

Alcohol has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Due to the constant use of alcohol, the heart muscle is affected, which leads to serious illness and death.

Alcohol causes diabetes.

With alcoholism, various mental abnormalities are observed – hallucinations, numbness of body parts, severe weakness (“cotton feet”) are also common.

When drinking alcohol, be prepared for a short life. Alcoholics live 15 years less than non-alcoholics.

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