Smartphones and tablet keep kids awake

A group of scientists from the UK studied the results of several dozen studies on monitoring the health of schoolchildren, after which they came to the conclusion that the presence of various gadgets in them worsens their sleep and causes drowsiness during the day.

Scientists recommend that parents develop measures to limit the time of use and access to various gadgets. As one of the study’s authors, Ben Carter noted, parents should prepare for this with the help of teachers and pediatricians.

Carter and his colleagues made this conclusion by comparing and studying the results of 20 other studies, in which more than 125 thousand children aged 7-17 took part.
The authors of these studies, in addition to solving their scientific problems, monitored the quality of children’s sleep. In addition, they reported how much time they spent with their gadgets, and whether their parents allowed them to take the electronics to bed.
After analyzing these data, children whose parents allowed them to use digital gadgets for a long time much less and slept worse, suffered from lack of sleep, unlike their peers, whose parents were more strict. Interestingly, this effect manifested itself among those children who were allowed to take their phone to bed, and among their peers who were not allowed to do so by their parents.

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