How heat affects our health

In recent years, there has been a summer abnormal increase in air temperature, which has a detrimental effect on the well-being of people. Loss of energy, lethargy, lack of mood, drowsiness are sensations typical for people in a sultry period. Even a healthy human body reacts poorly to heat. What to say then about those who already have health problems.

The effect of heat on human performance

 The results of studies carried out by American scientists in this area provide confirmation of the negative effect of high air temperatures on human performance. Work activity is reduced by half, indicators that affect the timing and quality of the assigned tasks are reduced. There is an increased level of fatigue, nervousness and irritation. 

One experiment in which half of the participants were placed in a cool room and the other half in a stuffy room. Participants in a stuffy room performed 6 times worse on the proposed tests. The speed of implementation and the number of correct answers significantly differed from the results of their colleagues under normal conditions. 

Health effects of high air temperatures

Summer heat is especially dangerous for the cardiovascular system of the body. Heat provokes surges in blood pressure and people with high or, conversely, low blood pressure react sharply to such changes. According to statistics, during this period, the number of heart attacks and strokes increases significantly. 

Swelling of the extremities is another problem. Many people experience swollen hands and feet in hot weather, especially at the end of the day, causing discomfort and discomfort.

Frequent companions these days are headaches, dizziness and bouts of nausea. Heat and sunstroke are also common at high temperatures.

It is worth noting the fact of aggravation of aggressiveness, which often leads to an increase in the level of crime in the summer.

Hot Weather Safety Rules

    Adhering to certain rules, you can more easily transfer this period:

  • without the need not to go outside during peak hours of solar activity, in the interval from 11 to 17 hours;
  • do not let the body get dehydrated, in the heat it is necessary to regularly drink liquid in the form of water and green tea;
  • compulsory to wear hats and sunglasses, if it becomes necessary to go outside during the day;
  • protect skin and use UV protection.
  • seek medical help at the slightest sign of deterioration in health.

It is worth noting that it is rather difficult to understand whether a person died due to the heat or not, since many bodies are usually found after the temperature has dropped. This means that summer heat can be even more harmful than we think.

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