What is fatigue and how to overcome it?

Doctors understand fatigue as the onset of physical or psychological weakness. It can range from the well-known muscle discomfort caused by physical work to a state of complete lethargy. Fatigue does not allow a person to work at the level that his natural abilities provide. Today, many factors have been identified that contribute to fatigue, in addition to hard physical work. Consider the most common and ways to deal with them.


A huge number of people get tired when the weather changes. The reasons may be the difference in atmospheric pressure, magnetic storm, strong wind, increased levels of solar radiation and other phenomena. They lead to depletion of the nervous system and symptoms of fatigue.
Acupressure techniques will help to cheer up. Just put the fingers of your left hand on the little finger of your right and massage its middle phalanx. Having done this procedure for several hours, you can feel relief and a surge of vigor.

Sweet food

Many gourmets love sweets, and on an empty stomach. This is a big mistake, as a chocolate bar, as a rule, leads to a decrease in vitality and fatigue. The fast carbohydrates found in all sweets dramatically saturate the blood with sugar, which causes the pancreas to release abnormal amounts of insulin. Within half an hour, the blood glucose level falls to a critical level, which causes severe fatigue.
To avoid this, you need to avoid having a snack with sweets. Gourmets are better off turning their attention to fruits that are incomparably more beneficial to the body. They contain glucose and fructose, which are absorbed almost instantly. And more complex compounds, such as starch or fiber, on the contrary, are absorbed slowly, allowing you to get rid of hunger.

Circulatory disorders in the legs

Many people know the feeling when, after a day spent on their feet, they literally “buzz”. This itself causes an unpleasant feeling and contributes to the development of general fatigue. The reason is stagnation of blood in the legs, under the influence of gravity.
A great way to get rid of the problem is to take a warm foot bath. It is better to add a few tablespoons of ordinary table or sea salt and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. If the pain is unbearable, you can simply get on all fours at home and the condition will immediately improve due to the active drainage of blood vessels in the legs. As a preventive measure, you need to correctly select comfortable and stable shoes and not walk long distances in high heels.

Excessive activity

Many people try to “embrace the immensity” by doing several things at the same time. In this case, the nervous system quickly gets tired, and fatigue is a kind of protective reaction from premature wear of the body. Simultaneous reading and watching TV, talking on the phone while driving, viewing documents and information on a computer lead to psychological fatigue. Moreover, it has been noticed that men suffer more from this.
You can deal with this by structuring your life. You just need to understand what you need to do, what a regular organizer will help. You can simply make a list of tasks scheduled for the day and cross them out in chronological order. But you need to resort to the help of neurostimulating drugs only after consulting a doctor.

Work on the computer.

Strenuous eyesight, constant change of pictures, sound, attention span – all these are normal effects when working on the computer. But, as experience shows, such work quickly tires the eyesight, and a person literally in a few hours feels a breakdown and severe fatigue. It is accompanied by headaches, drowsiness, and often loss of appetite.
A regular warm compress made of cotton balls dipped in hot water will help restore vision and help relax the eyes. It is enough to put them on your eyes for only 15 minutes. Another technique for relieving visual fatigue is called palming. You just need to take a comfortable pose, rub your palms against each other so that they warm up, and put them to your eyes.

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