What does the liver suffer from and how to prevent diseases

The liver can take a blow. Every day, it neutralizes toxic substances and toxins that enter the body. But under excessive load, the organ cannot fully perform its functions. What does the liver suffer from? How to prevent her illness?

Main functions

The organ promotes metabolism and performs a biliary function. He takes over the protection of the whole body, neutralizes dangerous, toxic substances that come with alcohol, food and drugs.

The liver plays an important role in the formation of hormones, it is involved in their breakdown. The full work of this organ has a positive effect on the exchange of vitamins, the process of hematopoiesis. The functions of the “filter” are impaired when toxic substances accumulate in the blood.

Causes of violations and alarming symptoms

The main “enemy” is alcohol. It contains ethanol, and liver enzymes can only handle a small amount. Alcohol abuse is a huge burden that the liver cannot handle.

Fatty foods negatively affect the work of the organ. It forms exchange products that have to be dealt with. With overeating and a large amount of fatty foods, organ functions are impaired.

The third enemy is drugs. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones are harmful to hepatocytes . Medication intake must be monitored.

The main symptoms that indicate violations:

  • general weakness;
  • pain and feeling of heaviness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dermatological diseases (rash of a different nature);
  • high body temperature;
  • loss of appetite, bitterness in the mouth.

For the prevention of diseases, it is necessary to limit the intake of alcoholic beverages, monitor nutrition, give up fatty and spicy foods, and a large number of medicines. It is much easier to prevent diseases than to cure. And this will help biologically active additives aimed at normalizing liver functions.

Complex with a pronounced hepatoprotective effect

The Liver Refresh dietary supplement has multifunctional action. It normalizes the functioning of the liver, digestive tract, kidneys. The product is based on natural ingredients and is characterized by excellent bioavailability and effectiveness. The use of the additive allows you to cleanse the body of toxins, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals.

The drug reduces the load on the organs, activates the synthesis of bile, stimulates the production of enzymes, and stops the processes of fermentation and decay. When taking the product, the blood is purified, inflammation is removed, the condition of the hair and skin improves.

Dietary supplement is used for the prevention of cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty degeneration. The complex also helps to cope with problems such as cholecystitis, dysbiosis, colitis and constipation. The supplement is recommended to be included in the diet for people taking antibiotics and other medications.

Amino acid and vitamin B6 complex

The drug from the American manufacturer NOW Foods “L-methionine” is used for the prevention of liver diseases or in the complex therapy of pathologies as prescribed by a doctor. A dietary supplement with amino acid and vitamin B6 as the main active components removes toxins and heavy metals from the body, normalizes metabolic processes and functions of internal organs. The use of the complex improves digestion, promotes the breakdown of fats and strengthens the immune system.

The supplement can be taken in case of liver dysfunction, poisoning, obesity, pancreatitis, alcohol or drug addiction, allergies. The use of the complex has a beneficial effect on the work of the body, the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

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