Weight Watchers Diet

This is probably the most popular diet in England – most likely because it is very clearly and clearly designed and stated, that is, they did all the work for you. It was developed in the United States thirty years ago by Jane Nidich, and Bernice Western adapted it to the conditions of Great Britain. The diet of the society “Weight Watchers” is designed in such a way as not only to cause weight loss, but also to teach those who are losing weight to eat right. This is achieved mainly due to the fact that the amount of food eaten is strictly counted every day, the portions are tightly cut, and each calorie is taken into account. “Weight Watchers” have developed a variety of menus, and in stores you can buy their prepared dishes and products for cooking. Regular meetings with other losing weight provide psychological support, in addition, a magazine is published, which offers various tips and recipes. “Weight Watchers” consider almost all aspects of losing weight in their strategy, making it possible to lose weight without harm to health. Losing weight is switched to healthy foods, taking into account psychology and lifestyle.

Typical daily menu

Breakfast: 120 ml of orange juice, oatmeal on water, 150 g of skim milk, tea or coffee.
Lunch: A poached egg with 90 g of grilled mushrooms, a slice of dried toast with margarine, one pear, tea or coffee.
Lunch: Lamb chop, grilled, 90 g of onions, stewed in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, 180 g of vermicelli and 90 g of boiled carrots, one small orange, tea or coffee.
Dinner: None.


– Those
who joined this weight loss program can attend club meetings in their area and receive instructions on how to record their weight, body parameters and goals, as well as what and when to eat.

– A member of the club is given a full description of the diet for the whole day and advised how to plan gala dinners and what is in the restaurant.

– Losing weight gets advice on what kind of sport to do and how to change your self-image for the better, since the psychology of losing weight is very important.

– At weekly meetings, those who lose weight are weighed, and they are awarded and rewarded for every half a kilogram lost. One consciousness that you have to discuss your weight one-on-one with the leader of the group and publicly declare how much you weigh is in itself a motive for losing weight.
Following the weigh-in, a half-hour discussion of difficulties and successes is usually arranged.

– The club offers its members the opportunity to buy floor scales, detailed calorie tables and special cookbooks at a discount.

– The diet is planned by nutritionists and is in line with modern concepts of good nutrition and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

– After the first three weeks, the rate of weight loss is approximately eight hundred grams per week. If losing weight exceeds this speed, he is advised to consult with the leader of the group so that weight loss does not harm health.

– Children from ten to sixteen who want to join the club must submit a written permission from the family doctor, who must determine the ideal weight for the child.


– Each aspect of the diet is described in such detail that you will have to work through a mountain of literature, fill in many forms, questionnaires and forms.

– In the first stages of the diet, each portion is supposed to be weighed, which requires a lot of time.

– Those who at least know something about proper nutrition find that all this literature simply repeats the facts they already know.

– Group meetings and discussions will not bring you any benefit if you, in principle, do not like teamwork.

– To join the club “Weight Watchers”, you need to pay a small entrance fee.

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