Treatment of liver cirrhosis in women

The reasons for the development of the disease

The overwhelming majority of cases of liver cirrhosis are diagnosed as a result of various types of hepatitis, in particular hepatitis “delta” and hepatitis C, in which cirrhosis occurs in 97% of cases, but the disease itself is asymptomatic. In addition, with various disorders in the body, long-term regular use of alcohol (even in small quantities), intake of toxic substances and medicines, this disease also often develops. In addition, diseases of the biliary tract lead to cirrhosis. Sometimes the reason for the development of cirrhosis of the liver cannot be identified, and in such cases this disease is called “cryptogenic cirrhosis” (cirrhosis due to an unknown cause).   

At the initial stage of the disease, there are no external symptoms and complications. This is the so-called class A. It is very important at this stage to prevent the further development of cirrhosis in time – in this case, the liver has a very good chance of recovery with appropriate treatment of the disease. After all, its cells can work with increased stress, and the liver itself has great ability to restore lost functions.  

The manifestation of external symptoms (according to the generally accepted international classification – these are classes B and C) indicates that the disease is progressing. External symptoms of cirrhosis, both in women and men, include: weight loss, chronic fatigue, decreased concentration, decreased appetite, bloating, abdominal pain, bleeding (intestinal, nasal, gingival).  

Age group

Cirrhosis of the liver, as a rule, occurs after 40 years, while the disease develops in men 3 times more often than in women. Apparently, this is due to the fact that among men, cases of chronic alcoholism are much more common.

To prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis in women, it is necessary to limit the factors that lead to the onset of the disease: reduce or stop drinking alcohol, get vaccinated against hepatitis, and if symptoms of hepatitis or cirrhosis occur, immediately begin treatment. To maintain the liver, women need a special diet called diet number five.    

For the treatment of liver cirrhosis , as a rule, appropriate medications are used, in case of its development due to hepatitis – antiviral drugs. Treatment is prescribed by a gastroenterologist and is carried out under his mandatory supervision. To restore damaged liver cells, appropriate stimulating drugs are used, which restore the cellular structure of the liver and stimulate the secretion of bile. 

In especially advanced cases, patients may require a liver transplant.

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