Shift work can cause insomnia and reduce productivity

Scientists have found that shift work can cause sleep disturbance, reduce a person’s performance and lead to the development of depression. To participate in the study, 34 volunteers were invited, who worked in shifts. So 26 of them, doctors diagnosed disorders that were associated with this mode of work.

It should be noted that work shifts could fall at any time of the day. It is very difficult to somehow avoid sleep disturbances and excessive sleepiness with insomnia in this mode. Scientists note that the concepts of fatigue and sleepiness are different. While fatigue can be caused by work-related fatigue that resolves with a little rest, sleepiness is a pathological condition that leads to physical and mental health problems.

Researchers urge company owners to reconsider their position regarding scheduling for their employees. During the prevention and treatment of insomnia among working personnel, labor productivity rises, protection against industrial injuries is provided. In addition, it has previously been proven that night shifts, an irregular schedule reduce brain activity and can lead to premature aging.

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