Plastic Surgery and Weight

Loss Weight Loss and Beauty Problems

Just think for a second, from which, mainly, our problems with beauty arise.

Everything, starting with small wrinkles on the face, bags under the eyes, a second chin, sagging chest and abdomen appear due to the fault of such an imperceptible and constantly present factor, which has the sweet name “gravity”.

Especially, his cunning is manifested in the process of losing weight. It is necessary to slightly exceed the rate of weight loss, as the skin of the face, chest, abdomen, buttocks loses its firmness and elasticity. Not rarely, even a very well-conducted weight loss program, due to the characteristics of the skin, leads to sagging.
What you need to know and do for people who are going to do weight loss?

What do people who are about to part with some part of their mass need to know and do?

You should not try again and again, alone, to impose on yourself any of the methods of losing weight. Come to the specialists who deal with this problem. How to find them? Look where they offer not individual methods or drugs, but a full range of services. Start with a mandatory examination, including consultations of doctors – specialists in the field of therapy, endocrinology, cardiology. Carry out all laboratory tests assigned to you in full, and only after that you can get competent recommendations on diet and physical activity. Run from where you will immediately be offered liposuction or miraculous fasting. To date, there are too many good techniques, and most importantly, individually for you to choose the best, and therefore the shortest way to achieve a result.
General recommendations for therapeutic diets

Of the general recommendations for improving skin quality both in everyday life, and especially during therapeutic diets: daily use supportive nourishing creams that are applied to the skin of the face and body in order to increase moisture saturation, elasticity, and regeneration of connective tissue.

Never use hot baths, use more showers. Gradually accustom yourself after a hygienic shower for 20-30 seconds to take a cold shower, which also tones and strengthens the skin structure.

Use self-massage or cosmetic massage at least once a week, but find a real professional for this. If possible, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. The sun or ultraviolet only in small doses contribute to the skin tightening effect.

The result of their overdose may be its premature aging. Apply sunscreen! Be very careful about your recommended physical activities. If your body mass index exceeds 30kg \ m2, do not try to do all the exercises while standing, as this load is not indifferent to the joints and vessels of the legs. Use more water aerobics or any exercises lying on the mat.
Plastic surgery after weight loss: eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift

So, in spite of all your efforts, the “law of universal gravitation” still won. What to do? The main thing is not to despair, not to gain back the kilograms with such difficulty. If the problem of sagging skin concerns only the face, consider yourself lucky. The fact is that plastic surgery on the face, whether it is eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or a facelift, firstly, promise immediately a good and long-term (for 10 or more years) effect, and secondly, the seams after them are in hidden places in the scalp, so that after 7-10 days no one will notice them.

As practice shows, plastic surgery of the upper or lower eyelids is shown in almost 100% of cases when the weight decreased by more than 10 kg. The main thing is to go for a facelift to the clinic, where it is performed without fail with the movement of the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (PMAS, or SMAS).

In this case, not only the skin is tightened, but also the “platform” on which it is based. Only this deep lift guarantees a good and lasting effect. There are options for segmental facelift when it is necessary to eliminate sagging skin only in the lower, middle or upper part of the face. The so-called “endoscopic lifting”, as world practice has shown, does not have significant advantages over standard methods.
Weight reduction and breast plastic surgery (reduction, tightening and breast augmentation)

If after losing weight you still have large sizes or simply sagging breasts, you can be offered a breast reduction plastic surgery (reduction mammoplasty), which naturally provides for a lifting effect. It is also possible to perform only a breast lift. If the breast has lost its shape and is larger than the size “C”, trying to simply pull it up without reduction is a thankless task. After 6-8 months, she will again begin to sag. And the remaining large volume can cause pain in the spine, chronic fatigue.

In the case when the small breasts have lost volume and shape, we can offer plastic surgery for breast augmentation with a simultaneous lift. All issues related to the safety of silicone are resolved in favor of the latter. Safer excipients for breast enlargement than modern silicone implants do not exist. Implants allow you to perform the effect of breast lift with the fewest incisions, which means that there will be less postoperative scars.
Plastic surgery after weight loss: abdominoplasty

The next big problem area after weight loss is the abdomen, especially when a skin-fat fold is formed and the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall are stretched (“big belly”). In this case, abdominoplasty is shown – a plastic operation that allows you to reduce the volume of the abdomen by suturing the muscle wall (like undercuts on clothing), and also remove excess skin-fat apron. After this plastic surgery, a horizontal scar remains, which a good surgeon always hides under the “bikini” line.
Skin-fat folds after weight loss

One of the most difficult problems after losing weight in people of a certain type of physique is the formation of skin-fat folds on the inner thighs, back, upper arms. In these cases, it is necessary to carefully weigh all the remedies that you are offered, because there are many, but not all of them are effective, and some can lead to even worse results. So, for example, plastic surgery such as liposuction, including ultrasound, may not always solve this problem. Instead of excess volume, you can get over the problem area, in the best case, a skin area in the form of a “baked apple” or more substantial folds on the skin, which cannot be eliminated in the future. Also, be very careful about the proposal to excise skin-fat folds, especially in the area of ​​the inner thighs and shoulder areas. After excision of the skin, a scar remains in any zone, and the assurance that the seam will be cosmetic is nothing more than a sedative. Giving forecasts and guarantees on the quality of the scar is a thankless task.

What to do, exclaim you, maybe it is better not to lose weight?

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