Medicated liver cleansing

The human body is a clear mechanism that requires cleaning from time to time. A separate place in his work belongs to the liver.

This large gland protects the internal organs from toxins every day. Its pollution is reflected in the work of all vital systems. In order to improve the functioning of the whole organism, various medications for cleansing the liver have been created. 

Types of drugs for cleansing the liver

Preparations for cleansing the liver are divided into two types:

– Hepatoprotectors (protect and restore liver cells); 

– choleretic (activate bile secretion) 

All these funds stimulate the processes of detoxification and cell regeneration, and also activate metabolic functions.

Effective hepatoprotectors

Most of the hepatoprotectors are based on plant components. Many of them have a complex effect – protective and choleretic. To purify liver most frequently used drugs Karsil Galstena Gepabene Essentiale et al.    

Karsil is created using milk thistle fruit extract. It has antitoxic and hepatoprotective effects, quickly and reliably cleanses the liver and bile ducts. It is indicated for toxic lesions, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. 

Galstena is a combined preparation containing natural ingredients. Galstena protects liver tissue from the harmful effects of toxic substances and actively promotes the process of regenerating their cells. 

Gepabene has a complex effect on the functioning of the gland and improves its general condition. It is widely used in the treatment of toxic lesions and cirrhosis of the liver. 

Essentiale contains phospholipids. Thanks to them, this agent reliably protects and restores the liver. It also effectively neutralizes toxins. It has no contraindications and side effects. It is often used to prevent liver diseases. 

Choleretic drugs

Choleretic drugs stimulate the secretion of bile. They have the greatest effect in combination with protective drugs. Among the most effective are Cholagogue Bondjigar holosas, Holagol .   

Bongigar is often used to cleanse the liver and gallbladder. It is highly effective in removing toxic substances. The tool has a minimum number of contraindications and side effects.  

Holosas is made from rose hips. Its effect on the liver is moderate, but noticeable. It has a good choleretic effect and does not cause complications. It removes toxins and improves the general condition of the body due to the presence of vitamin C. 

Cholagol refers to modern combined drugs with a pronounced choleretic and antispasmodic effect. It contains natural and synthetic components. The active ingredients of the preparation are turmeric root extract, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. 

Additional ways to detoxify

Sorbitol, magnesia, and activated carbon are often used to detoxify the liver . 

Sorbitol is the safest and most effective drug. It is used both for the prevention of diseases and for the treatment of existing ones. Cleansing the liver with sorbitol can give the expected positive result. Detoxification can be done several times throughout the year.   

Magnesia is a preventive measure, but with frequent repetitions, the positive effect becomes obvious. However, purification with magnesia is not a harmless and universal method. The drug significantly increases acidity, so its use can lead to an exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system. 

Activated carbon is highly popular as an inexpensive and effective adsorbent. As a result of cleansing, the level of bile acids is normalized. There are still contraindications to its use. These include peptic ulcer of the digestive system in the acute stage. 

Preparing for the cleansing procedure

Before cleaning the hepatic gland, preliminary preparation of the body is required. It starts a few days before the procedure and includes:

  • dietary, preferably vegetarian diet;
  • eating apples or fresh apple juice to enhance bile secretion;
  • limiting physical and emotional stress;
  • cleansing enemas

At the end of the removal of toxins, a feeling of weakness is possible. After 2-3 days of this state, the state of health usually improves. If the liver is cleansed and healthy, its owner is provided with comfortable digestion, clean blood, healthy facial skin and sweet sleep.

The use of most of the medications requires mandatory prior consultation with a doctor. Carrying out the cleaning procedure is not recommended during pregnancy, critical days in women, with diabetes mellitus and cancer.

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