Insomnia: what to do at home, how to get rid of, methods of treatment

There are many ways you can deal with insomnia at home . The main thing is to choose the one that will be effective in a particular case. It is necessary to take into account all the factors and causes of the disorder in the treatment : cardiovascular failure, overexcitation , exhaustion, depression or disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system. Consider how you should choose remedies for insomnia at home without resorting to medical services.     

Lifestyle change

How to start getting rid of insomnia at home? Good habits and adherence to the correct daily routine will help normalize sleep. In addition, the following simple rules will help eliminate symptoms without visiting a doctor and radical methods:      

Correct nutrition. Eat food you need in one and the same time, the latter method is not to be later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. For dinner, it is better to choose simple, easily digestible foods – low-fat kefir, sea fish and vegetables. Regular consumption of cherries, bananas, nuts promotes the absorption of potassium and magnesium, which have a calming effect on the body.              

Daily regime. It is necessary to fall asleep and wake up in one and the same time. Before going to bed, you should make it a rule to perform some nightly rituals, for example, reading a book or taking a shower with aromatic oils. Over time, a reflex will develop, and this action will be a signal for the brain that it is time to rest.          

For 2-3 hours before bedtime, you must turn off and hide away from the eyes of external exciters: TV, music and computer. You cannot use the phone screen and tablet before going to bed – they emit a blue glow, which has an exciting effect on the nervous system. This is a major obstacle to treating insomnia symptoms at home.    

Taking multivitamins, taking into account the characteristics of the body. Often, vitamin deficiency is the main cause of insomnia and sleepiness during the day.   

Time-tested and safe for health folk recipes, if used correctly, can have a positive effect. 


Inhalation of essential oils helps to tune in the right mood, forget about the problems that caused the disease, relieve anxiety and emotional overstimulation. They can be applied in different ways:   

by using a special aroma lamp ;

lighting scented candles;

put small bags of essential oil and salt, placing them closer to the bed;  

performing acupressure with oil on sensitive points;    

taking baths with the addition of a few drops of oil shows excellent results; 

eating a lump of sugar with lavender can help you calm down just before bed. 

A fairly effective way to combat insomnia with oils. Choosing it, you must take into account the causes of the disorder. And based on this, apply certain oils. 

If unpleasant events and stress have taken place , then it is better to pay attention to benzoin. 

Sage will help with increased fatigue at work. 

For the fight against insomnia caused by depression and anxiety, bergamot will be the best helper. 

To remove chronic insomnia, you can use lemon balm, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, orange, fennel, rose and sandalwood oils.

Disturbing thoughts and experiences will carry away the oils of lavender, mint and laurel.  

For irritability, the use of lavender, fir, juniper and anise is recommended . 

Important! Essential oils should not be used longer than two weeks in a row, otherwise it can cause disruption of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

Herbal preparations

Some herbs have strong sedative and sedative properties, so they can replace sleeping pills and help relieve stress. With beats anything natural composition. Choosing traditional methods, you should pay attention to the following medicinal plants used as medicinal products for insomnia:    

in case of sleep disturbance, accompanied by anxiety and heart palpitations, it is useful to use tinctures of hawthorn, fennel, thyme, lily of the valley and lemon balm. Take 150 ml twice a day ;    

for hypertension and atherosclerosis, a herbal collection of thyme, lemon balm, astragalus, periwinkle and chokeberry fruits is recommended. You need to drink it 15 minutes before bedtime, no more than 100 ml;        

chamomile tea is a versatile and safe remedy for insomnia.   

if insomnia is accompanied by symptoms of rushing of blood to the head, it is recommended to treat it by rinsing the head with a herbal collection of chamomile flowers, violets, thyme, hops and willow in equal proportions.     

The temperature of infusions and tea should not be too high or, conversely, low, so as not to stimulate the active work of the gastrointestinal tract. You can make herbal mixtures yourself or, if you wish, purchase them at the pharmacy.     

Medication can only be prescribed by the attending physician. What to do with insomnia, and how to cure it at home, the somnologist will tell you after the examination.  

Water procedures

Treatment can be arranged at home by taking a bath. The addition of soothing herbs to the water enhances its effect and provides a healing effect that relieves stress. The process of taking a warm bath eliminates anxiety, tune in the right mood and helps to cope with insomnia. Some of the recipes are presented below:       

in a glass of milk dissolve a tablespoon of honey and by five drops of lavender, mint and orange essential oils. Then it is poured into a bath and taken for 20-30 minutes;      

50 grams of dried valerian root is insisted in a liter of boiling water for several hours. The course of treatment is 10 sessions. They should be carried out every other day;  

a mixture of three tablespoons of dried lemon balm and spruce needles is poured with two liters of water, and then boiled over low heat for 30 minutes. Water treatments should last a maximum of 30 minutes;     

in equal proportions, take hop cones, mint leaves, jasmine and elderberry flowers and insist in a liter of boiling water for one hour;  

a bath with a tincture of fir cones (three to four pieces per liter of water) is taken once a week for 10 minutes.      

After the end of the session, you need to gently blot the body with a towel, without rubbing, and drink a glass of tea made from hawthorn fruits.   


A useful remedy for insomnia can be prepared on the basis of honey, which is a natural source of glucose, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. The recipes are as follows:  

dilute one tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water and drink at night;   

wheat bran and honey gruel in a 1: 1 ratio is recommended to be eaten one teaspoon in the morning and in the evening;     

together with a spoonful of honey, you should drink 10 drops of valerian and hawthorn tinctures;   

Finely chopped head of head lettuce is poured with a liter of water with a few tablespoons of honey and boiled, tightly closed with a lid, for 15-25 minutes, then filtered and drunk with 100 ml of the resulting mixture in the evening.     

Important! Beekeeping products can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before treating insomnia, make sure you are not allergic to honey.


Our body is a well-thought-out mechanism that can be deceived with the help of some tricks. If you introduce the following tricks into the habit, you will be able to psychologically tune yourself to sleep on a subconscious level:     

It is worth improving your living conditions: the bedroom should be as comfortable as possible and be associated exclusively with sleep – you should remove the TV, bright details from there, and replace strong lamps with lamps of dim light. Bed linen is also important – it is better to choose soft natural fabrics of discreet colors, a moderately hard mattress and medium-sized pillows.       

It will be useful to accustom yourself to daily rituals, for example, taking a shower every evening with a fragrant gel a few minutes before bedtime. The body will get used to this, and the very smell of the gel will send a signal to the brain that it is time to go to bed.        

You can also heed the advice of some sleep doctors on how to get rid of insomnia at night with pillows filled with mixtures of medicinal herbs. Sleeping on them is very pleasant.  

All remedies for insomnia should be used under the supervision of a doctor, as it is dangerous to treat yourself on your own. 


The diet should include “foods for insomnia” containing melatonin and tryptophan, which are called sleep hormones. It should be highlighted:

bananas, which, in addition to melanin, contain potassium and magnesium – they help relieve muscle tension;

milk contains tryptophan and calcium. A glass of warm milk before bedtime has a psychological effect, because it evokes associations with warmth and comfort;   

cherry and sweet cherry. A handful of berries at night supplies the body with the necessary dose of melatonin;    

Turkey, grains and nuts are rich in tryptophan, so a turkey sandwich is the perfect dinner . It is better to choose whole grain bread ;  

baked potatoes are recommended to be consumed together with tryptophan sources, as it promotes good absorption of this substance;  

onions are rich in quercetin , which is famous for its soothing properties. For better assimilation, it is recommended to use it in the form of an onion soup; 

oatmeal with honey and flax seeds is a great way to satisfy hunger, calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety before bed.   

Important! Servings of these foods should be small and cooked with as little sugar as possible so as not to weigh down your stomach.   

To normalize sleep, you should avoid eating foods that excite the nervous system, preventing falling asleep. You will need to exclude:

Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks can cause drowsiness for an hour and a half, and then excitability increases and the person wakes up.   

Caffeine. Tea, coffee are allowed to be consumed only in the morning. After lunch, you should quench your thirst with still water and herbal teas.     

Salt. An increase in sodium in the body causes sleep disturbances.  

Glucose, sweets, and simple carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels, which can lead to emotional arousal.  

In general, food should be balanced and moderate – you should not overeat, eat late and drink too much liquid at night (so as not to wake up because of the urge to use the toilet).     

Effective ways to get rid of insomnia 

If increased activity at night is not caused by diseases and disorders of the nervous system, the main task in the fight against it is maximum relaxation. In this help monotonous repetitive exercises. For example, reading, knitting, or listening to audiobooks.         

When insomnia is provoked by the fact that during the day a person led an inactive lifestyle, then it is necessary to “get tired” – walk in the fresh air, perform several yoga asanas or do a light cleaning of the house.   

If a person woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall asleep within 30 minutes, then this will not succeed. It is best to keep yourself busy in bed ( reading, knitting, music will do) until sleep comes again . Trying to fall asleep by force, the person suffering from insomnia will toss and turn all night, and in the morning he will get up tired and “broken.”        

It is important to adhere to the regime. The body is designed so that it can relax as much as possible at night, so it is not recommended to sleep during the day, even if there was a sleepless night the day before.   

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