Diet for the liver

Elimination of diseases that are associated with improper liver function (for example, cirrhosis, hepatitis or cholecystitis) requires not only the use of various medications. To combat such problems, you need to follow a special diet for the human liver. This diet for the liver is called table number five.

What is the peculiarity of the diet

A similar diet in cases of liver disease is necessary to reduce the burden on the liver of harmful substances. At the same time, this diet is designed to preserve a balanced and nutritious diet for a person suffering from liver disease. The restrictions that diet entails contribute to the normal functioning of the liver, as well as the improvement of bile secretion, the normal functioning of the biliary tract.

Table number five obliges to eat only those foods that contain normal carbohydrate levels and normal protein levels. At the same time, refractory fats, cholesterol, nitrogenous extractives should be limited in products. People who suffer from liver disease should eat boiled or steamed.

Foods included in the diet

Doctors advise eating foods such as diet borscht, soups, and cabbage soup cooked in broths (either vegetable or cereal). In addition, milk soups are allowed. Speaking of meat, it should be noted that patients who have liver problems should only eat lean fish, poultry, or meat. It is also good to eat vegetables, a variety of fruits, berries. Bread can also be mentioned among the products permitted for consumption. It can be any bread, but it should not be too fresh, preferably yesterday’s. It is also allowed to use dairy products for food, but only if they contain little fat, as well as various cereals.

It should also be mentioned that for a person with liver hepatosis, an excellent choice in food will be those products that contain a sufficient amount of fiber, pectins, and liquid. You should not eat foods that are too cold – they are harmful to the liver. Food must always be well reheated. If you suffer from liver problems, in no case eat fresh bread and meat broths, exclude spices, onions, garlic.

To date, the diet for the liver is very widely used even if various viral diseases have been transferred. For example, one of these diseases is mononucleosis – a disease that causes immunity to suffer and the spleen and liver enlarge. Such a diet is the first way to recover from an illness. Children especially often get sick. If you have any problems related to the liver, be sure to pay attention to this food system.

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