Anti-drowsiness sedatives for stress

Increased physical activity, constant stress and problems at work cause neurological disorders. A person becomes nervous, insomnia appears, which reduces overall performance.

In such a standing, it becomes necessary to take special sedatives. However, after consuming most of them, a person can feel sleepy. In order not to cause such negative consequences, you should take sedatives for stress, which do not cause drowsiness.

There are the main types of drugs with a sedative effect:

  • Plant-based preparations are the most gentle for the human body. They do not cause negative consequences for the functioning of internal organs. These products contain only natural herbs. They have a calming effect, both individually and in combination with each other. Most pharmacies sell various teas of a similar effect, as well as herbal teas. Some of them are even prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. However, before starting treatment with such funds, you should read the contraindications for each component. Most often, the collection contains Valerian, Motherwort Tincture, Peony Tincture and Passionflower. So, before starting the admission, contraindications and side effects of each individual sedative should be taken into account. 
  • If herbal sedatives are the safest to use and have little effect on the body, then alcohol preparations can achieve a more pronounced result. They also help calm the heartbeat. They come in the form of drops and are diluted in a small amount of water. Due to the peculiarity of influencing the state of the heart rate, they are often called drops from the heart. The main representatives of this group of drugs: Valocordin, Corvalol, Valemidin . They have an effect on the nervous system, allow you to quickly cope with insomnia. These drugs with a hypnotic effect are prescribed for patients with cardiovascular abnormalities, as well as with VSD. Such drugs are not recommended for the treatment of children under 3 years of age, women during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for the detection of liver and kidney pathologies.  
  • Combined action preparations contain both herbal and chemical components. With this combination, you can achieve the most pronounced soothing result. These include: Motherwort forte, Persen , Tanakan , Novopassit , Deprim forte. These sedative pills are prescribed to patients during periods of nervous stress, strong emotional shock. The main contraindications for taking funds are intolerance to the components from the composition, as well as renal failure. 
  • Synthetic sedatives for the nervous system are used for pain in the uterus and intestines, due to the peculiarity of relieving spasms. In addition, the need to use such medications arises with severe neurological abnormalities. Some drugs are injected into the body. With a certain dose, you can achieve sedative effects, and if you increase the amount of the drug, then it acts as a sleeping pill. An overdose of sleeping pills can even cause poisoning of the body. These include: Phenibut, Tenoten , Afobazol . These types of medicines are dispensed in pharmacies strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. 
  • Homeopathic remedies are known as non-hypnotic remedies. They are prescribed even to young children and pregnant women. The advantages of these funds are that they do not harm the human body and have a budgetary cost. In addition, these medications are not addictive. They are made by combining a sweetener with natural ingredients. These include: Knott , Rescue Remedy , Passidorm , Valerianohel , Passionflower Edas . Although these products are safe and non-addictive, some types should be used with caution due to the presence of alcohol in the composition. 
  • Supplements are made on the basis of herbal extracts, which have a soothing effect. However, it is recommended to use them immediately before bedtime, because they affect the body as a sleeping pill. Do not forget that most of the drugs from this group are absolutely incompatible with the intake of alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, there will be a depression of the brain. Due to the resulting drowsiness, the patient is not recommended to drive a vehicle while taking the drug. This is also indicated in the instructions for medicines. The most common types of drugs include: Morpheus, Bayu bai. They help to normalize healthy sleep. 
  • With a lack of any vitamins and minerals, a person often suffers from neuroses, frequent depression. Along with sedatives, he is prescribed vitamins . Most often, for such problems, Magne B-6 is included in therapy. With the help of vitamin B6, magnesium will be more efficiently absorbed in the body, and the lack of this element also causes neurological disorders. 
  • Amino acids help normalize brain activity. Such drugs include Glycine, which is prescribed to people after severe head injuries, as well as during the rehabilitation period after a stroke. This nerve sedative does not cause side effects or addiction. It is prescribed for patients of all ages, and is also not prohibited for motorists. Because it does not provoke hypnotic effects. 

IMPORTANT! Before taking sedatives from any of the stress groups that do not cause drowsiness, you should undergo a full examination by a doctor. This is because some of them can, in an individual case, provoke destructive side effects. 

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