All about liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver is not the most pleasant disease, so you should know its symptoms and factors that can lead to its development. After all, the best treatment is its absence.

Treatment of liver cirrhosis in the last century

In the past, due to imperfect diagnostics and medical preparations, treatment of cirrhosis of the liver began only when its external symptoms became apparent. Patients were prescribed a special diet, refusal to drink alcohol, and the use of boiled liver (to restore cells). Heavy smokers were also encouraged to quit smoking, as smoking itself is a serious risk factor.    

So-called “hepatoprotectors” have been actively used to suppress symptoms and treat liver diseases . However, their manufacture and use is limited only to the CIS countries. Abroad, such drugs are practically not used due to the fact that their positive therapeutic effect has not been proven and confirmed by clinical studies.    

Previously, the treatment of this disease was mainly reduced to the treatment of the symptoms and consequences of cirrhosis: restoration of liver functions, cleansing the body of accumulated toxins, neutralizing the effect of “harmful” foods on the liver with the help of a special diet. 

In addition, for the treatment of cirrhosis caused by hepatitis, antiviral drugs have been used for a long time, which eliminate the very cause of cirrhosis – hepatitis viruses.

Difficulties in the treatment of liver cirrhosis

The most difficult thing in treating cirrhosis is to diagnose it in time. In the history of the treatment of liver disease, the main difficulty has been that conventional therapies have often proved useless despite the best efforts of doctors. The fact is that fibrosis of liver tissue in cirrhosis is an irreversible process and complete recovery is impossible. In especially advanced cases, surgical intervention is necessary up to liver transplantation from a donor.  

Despite the fact that cirrhosis cannot be completely cured , it is possible and necessary to restore the basic functions of the liver. When treating and restoring the metabolism of liver cells and its functions, it is imperative to completely abandon alcohol, use drugs (except for drugs for the treatment of cirrhosis) and maintain a strict diet. During treatment, the diet should not contain spicy, salty, smoked, fried, as well as a large amount of protein.    

In addition, you should know that patients with cirrhosis quickly get tired, they are shown a very gentle regimen.

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