What Causes Lead to Chronic Fatigue

Many people begin to feel sleepy and tired after 3 pm. Energy dissipates and it becomes difficult to complete even simple tasks. How to deal with this unpleasant condition?

Give up sugar

To boost our energy levels, we often resort to sweet snacks. But, in fact, it only makes things worse. A sharp rise in vigor is soon replaced by a decline in strength. This is due to excessive fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Therefore, sweets should be avoided. Instead, it is better to eat foods that release energy slowly. These can be protein snacks, fats (in moderation), complex carbohydrates – cereals, whole grain bread.

Light lunch

One of the main reasons for the loss of energy in the afternoon is a heavy lunch, on the digestion of which our body spends a lot of energy. Blood flows from the brain to the stomach, and we feel sluggish. The more we ate, the longer the digestion takes. In our time, the portions have become huge. Therefore, modern people often overeat. Our lunch contains more calories than it needs. Digesting it is a difficult test for the body. Therefore, reduce portions, choose lighter meals that fill, but do not overload the gastrointestinal tract.


Many of us do not get up from work for hours, some even eat at the table. But this does not reflect in the best way on productivity. You need to look up from the monitor screen to move and stretch. For example, take a half-hour walk during your lunch break.

Have a cup of coffee

Caffeine is often demonized. But in moderation, it can be beneficial. A cup of coffee in the afternoon will help you cheer up. But don’t drink coffee after 4-5 hours. It may not be eliminated from the body until the evening and disrupt sleep. 

Often, severe weakness develops as a symptom of cardiovascular problems. This happens for the reason that due to malfunctions of the heart and vasospasm, the supply of oxygen and blood to the tissues is disrupted. As a result, the body again switches to the economy mode. Chronic fatigue often appears as a result of hypertension, atherosclerosis. It should also be borne in mind that if the feeling of fatigue is accompanied by a headache that persists for a long time, it is worth visiting a cardiologist. 

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