The optimal duration of sleep has been determined by Finnish scientists

A 7-year lifestyle study involving 3,760 people found that women who sleep 7.6 hours a day and men who sleep 7.8 hours a day are the least likely to end up on sick leave. …

Finnish scientists conducting the study used data collected through the country’s social insurance institutions. The researchers also monitored the participants’ regular sleep disturbances, daytime sleepiness and their use of sleeping pills, to “study various measures of sleep as a determinant of the absence of disease.”

So the scientists came to the conclusion that, “taking into account the age adjustment, women who have symptoms of insomnia have to wake up early and take sleeping pills without medical indications”, with a duration of night sleep of 7.6 hours they feel a significant improvement in well-being and, as a result, less missed working days due to illness. For men, this “ideal” indicator is 7.8 hours.

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