Sudden weight loss: causes, treatment

This happens most often when we are on a diet or have lost their appetite, for example, after a serious illness. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the sudden loss of body weight. It is worth first eliminating allergies to certain foods, as well as some diseases.

Preventing weight loss

If you have a tendency to lose weight, try to eat healthy foods. Eat small, tasty meals often and chew thoroughly to aid digestion. Don’t skip meals and plan ahead for your daily menu. If you know you won’t find time to eat a full breakfast or lunch, pack snacks and take them with you. Never leave home without a nutritious breakfast. Take a medication that contains vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins, to increase your appetite.

Treatment for sudden weight loss

Eat a wide variety of foods to provide your body with more calories. Carbohydrates are especially recommended. Exercise daily, practice aerobic exercise, and strengthen your muscles. Expose your skin to sun exposure as often as possible. Its radiation stimulates the body to produce vitamin D, which has a beneficial effect on bones. This is very important, because if emaciation results from malnutrition, then the body steals calcium from the bones for the needs of its vital functions and weakens them. Remember not to sunbathe for too long, and it is worth lubricating your skin with a cream with a protective filter. If for various reasons you cannot sunbathe, then take vitamin D.

Food allergies

Food allergies can lead to weight loss because the body is getting too few nutrients. Symptoms of food allergies, which may occur immediately or after several days, are:

  • asthma;
  • eczema;
  • migraine;
  • arthritis;
  • depression;
  • diarrhea;
  • fluid retention.
  • excessive passion for certain products;
  • stomach ache.

If you suspect that you are losing weight due to a food allergy, see your doctor to determine the cause. A doctor’s advice will help you avoid the effects of allergies while allowing your body to get the right concentration of essential nutrients.

Emotional causes of weight loss

If it’s depression or stress, then you need to learn how to deal with stress. The following methods can also help:

  • use lavender oil, which has soothing properties;
  • ask someone close to you to have a massage with olive oil;
  • use relaxation exercises and meditation, yoga is great in such situations. Already 10 minutes of exercise a day will help you relax. Sign up for classes or train at home;
  • when you feel intense tension, drink a cup of yarrow, rosemary, nettle or cinnamon;
  • for prolonged stress, take the appropriate flower essences.

When is a doctor needed?

  • When you have been losing weight for no apparent reason for at least four weeks
  • when you notice other alarming symptoms;
  • if the weight loss is more than 10% of the optimal weight.

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