Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a complex and unpredictable disease . This dangerous disease is associated with a disorder in the immune system. The fatty insulation that covers the nerve endings is called the myelin sheath. She is responsible for the high speed of transmission of nerve signals.

With a disease, the myelin sheath begins to break down in some areas of the brain or spinal cord. In this case, the speed of passage of pulses is also violated. The course of the disease depends on the location of the lesion. Therefore, it is unpredictable and can even manifest itself as a violation of the motor system, and a decrease in sensitivity, even blindness.

The symptoms of the disease can be very varied. Numbness of fingers and toes, their trembling, loss of coordination of movement should immediately alert. Other symptoms include decreased vision, blurred vision, or even blindness. A person feels constant anxiety, fatigue, falls into severe depression.

The causes of this serious disease have not yet been established. Of course, heredity can be one of the determining factors in the predisposition to the onset of the disease. Severe stressful situations, if they are too frequent and prolonged, can also provoke illness. Viral infections, radiation, or injury can also be possible causes of multiple sclerosis. The nutritional system also plays an important role in the state of immunity. A feature of the disease is that it affects young people between the ages of thirty and forty.

The periods of exacerbation of the disease are replaced by periods of remission. And it also happens that after the first attack, the disease does not remind of itself, sometimes for a long time, and then comes back again. During the period of remission, a person feels great, seems to be quite healthy and believes that the disease has receded.

Multiple sclerosis has no specific symptoms, which is why it is so important to establish an accurate diagnosis. Diagnosis of the disease is based on neurological examination, tomography and regular blood tests to monitor immunological responses. If the diagnosis is correct, treatment is prescribed only individually.

Doctors believe that multiple sclerosis is not completely cured, but if treatment is started on time, it is possible to slow down the development of the disease and increase the period of remission. Between periods of exacerbation, complex supportive therapy is required.

In recent years, research has been carried out on the effects of stem cells on the development of the disease. The results obtained by scientists are encouraging. So far, it is difficult to count on a complete cure. Nevertheless, there are many unconventional methods that allow, in addition to drug treatment, to significantly alleviate the patient’s condition purely individually.

Complexes of physical exercises, breathing exercises, herbal remedies can be an effective addition to treatment. However, they should be selected with the help of your doctor.

A lot of positive reviews are caused by treatment with bee venom. Several courses of apitherapy can improve the state of the immune and nervous system, restore the protective sheath of nerve endings. Propolis and bee dead are also good immunomodulators.

Proper nutrition is one of the elements of treatment. Fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs contain a large amount of vitamins and microelements necessary for the body. It is important to be outdoors a lot. And the most important thing is to cope with depression and believe in recovery.

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