Mobile phones can cause drowsiness and allergies in children

After conducting a number of studies, scientists concluded that mobile phones can adversely affect the health of children, causing them to have various allergic reactions. In addition, those children who constantly use mobile phones, there is a decrease in immunity and drowsiness.

Thus, the list of negative manifestations of cell phones in children includes allergic reactions, increased drowsiness, and decreased immunity. This is the conclusion that scientists made after numerous studies.

Studying the effect of mobile phones on children’s health, it turned out that the parts and metals of which the phone is made, including nickel, can cause allergic reactions in children, affecting the skin. With age, this manifestation of allergies gradually decreases. Thus, these metals pose the greatest danger to the younger generation.

That is why, doctors do not stop reminding parents of the dangers of mobile phones for children. In addition, modern children and adolescents who do not release their phones from their hands, become too irritable under the influence of electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones, they have a weakened immune system, headaches and sleep disorders, in particular drowsiness.

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