Instant snoring remedies: tablets, sprays, folk remedies

It is necessary to select a remedy for snoring taking into account the severity of the condition. With moderate noise, pharmaceutical preparations and traditional medicine are effective. Intense chronic snoring is stopped by special devices, mechanical devices.

Medicines for night snoring

Snoring medicines are produced on a natural or chemical basis. They have a minimal set of side effects, since they are not absorbed into the systemic circulation. Medicines are safe for the body as a whole, do not disrupt the work of internal organs and systems. Pharmacy products are used in long courses.

Pharmacological properties of medicines:

  • decrease in the severity of nasopharyngeal edema;
  • increased soft tissue tone;
  • ensuring the elasticity and elasticity of the palate;
  • removal of irritation, itching and sore throat;
  • moisturizing the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth;
  • normalization of nasal breathing;
  • increased mucociliary clearance (local defense mechanism of the upper respiratory tract).

With regular use of drugs, the severity of snoring is significantly reduced, in 60-70% it is completely stopped. The funds reduce the risk of developing sleep apnea (short-term respiratory arrest, from 15-20 seconds to 2 minutes). The therapeutic effect comes quickly and lasts until the morning. This is due to the fact that the drugs reduce the vibration of the soft palate.  

After regular use, people feel better overall, apathy, daytime sleepiness, and chronic fatigue disappear. Physical activity and working capacity are normalized.

Solid dosage forms

SnorStop ─ homeopathic pills for snoring. The main action is symptomatic. The composition includes such components as belladonna (belladonna), ephedra, yellow root, dubrovnik, chilibukha (vomit). Release form ─ lozenges.

The agent is taken once a day at night, kept in the mouth until it is completely dissolved. After stabilizing the condition, reducing the severity of snoring, the agent is taken 1 tab. in one day. Patients with overweight, 2-4 degrees of obesity are shown 2 tab. once. The use of snoring tablets SnorStop is contraindicated in people with severe apnea, pregnant women and women during lactation. Allergic reactions rarely develop.

Anti-snoring Doucenuit ─ anti-snoring pills. Dissolve in the mouth within 3 minutes. The composition includes such natural ingredients as sage, acacia, grape seed extract. The preparation coats and softens the throat. Menthol provides tone and fresh breath. Take 1 tab. at night.

The analogue of the tablets is the Doucenuit Mint double-acting snoring lozenges , which are prescribed in a similar manner.

Aerosol forms

Important! It is strictly forbidden to use any snoring aerosols after drinking alcohol. To avoid breathing problems during sleep, thoroughly gargle with clean water before spraying. 


Silence is a mint-tangerine snoring spray. Effectiveness is noted already from the first application. The solution (foam) is sprayed into the oral cavity using a special nozzle. After applying the product, do not drink or eat.

At the beginning of treatment, the drug Silence often causes local negative reactions ─ increased inhalation-exhalation, dry mouth in the morning. These symptoms go away on their own within 2-3 days, do not require discontinuation of the drug.

Silence Forte snoring spray removes not only clinical signs, but also affects the cause of the pathological condition. It normalizes the physiological state of the soft tissues of the palate. The product is produced in the form of an aerosol in an aluminum can under pressure. Comes with a plastic nozzle for easy spraying.

Usage algorithm:

  1. Shake the solution bottle thoroughly, remove the protective cap.
  2. Attach the spray nozzle according to the instructions.
  3. Turn the balloon upside down, position the nozzle in the oral cavity, pointing at the back of the pharynx.
  4. Press the spray gun with a sharp motion.
  5. Repeat spraying three times.
  6. After the procedure, rinse the nozzle under running water.

One spray can last 30 days. Use with caution in people prone to allergies. Contraindications ─ pregnancy, bronchial asthma.

Doctor snoring

Doctor snoring ( Anti- snoring ) is a spray for snoring, which contains essential oils of eucalyptus, sunflower, olive, sesame, mint. Available in 60 ml plastic bottles. The drug is used half an hour after meals.

Single dosage is 2 ml (3 puffs). The aerosol is produced with the smell of mint, sage, eucalyptus.

Sominorm is a nasal spray for snoring. Moisturizes mucous membranes, does not cause dryness of the nasopharynx. The tannins that make up the composition thicken the muscles of the soft palate and reduce its vibration. This reduces the manifestations of loud breathing. The tool relieves puffiness, inflammation, allergic reactions. After applying the drug, the sections of the respiratory tract are released, the physiological air circulation is restored .

Available in a 20 ml plastic bottle. The solution is injected into each nasal passage 3-4 times overnight, after shaking. The ingestion of the drug on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and larynx is the norm. In case of accidental penetration into the digestive tract, it does not cause a feeling of nausea, heartburn, and the urge to vomit. The minimum course duration is 2 weeks. Long-term use is allowed.

If snoring is triggered by respiratory tract infections and excess mucus, mucolytic syrups (expectorants) are prescribed .

Drops for eliminating snoring

Drops can be used to treat the symptom. Before use, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Asonor ─ nasal drops for snoring. The drug is prescribed for chronic pathology with impaired function of the bronchi and lungs. The duration of the therapeutic action is 7-8 hours. It is dripped 4-6 times into each nostril until the medicine appears in the throat. The effect does not come immediately, but in the process of systematic therapy. In the course of clinical studies, side effects, contraindications were not identified. Pregnant women can only be used after the recommendations of an observing gynecologist.

Snorex is a biospray or snore drops. This is a natural remedy that eliminates all the symptoms associated with the pathological condition of the nasopharynx. It is used not only to relieve the symptom, but also for prophylaxis in patients at risk of the first worsening of nasal breathing. The main plant components in the composition are sage, calendula, propolis.

The snoring medicine is freely available in the pharmacy and comes in 50 ml plastic bottles. The set includes two nozzles (for drip and aerosol administration). The solution is instilled or sprayed onto the back of the throat.

Methods of application and action of Snorex , depending on the severity of the pathology:

  • Rapid action phase. Do 1-2 sprays in the area of ​​the upper palate, tonsils, larynx. The solution can be swallowed. Quickly restores the structure of the soft palate, expands the lumen of the upper respiratory tract to a normal state, and restores natural air circulation. Prevents snoring in the early stages of development.
  • Mixed phase. The walls of the throat are irrigated once during the day, 1-2 sprays on the back wall for 30 minutes. before meals. Snoring is stopped, caused by chronic inflammatory processes in the nasal passages, paranasal sinuses, larynx, hearing organs, with adenoids. At the same time, the accompanying symptoms are eliminated – puffiness, microcirculation disturbance.
  • Prolonged-release phase. 3 drops are dripped on the tonsils, the root of the tongue in the daytime, half an hour before meals. Therapeutic course is 1 month. A solution in the form of drops is prescribed for patients with severe snoring.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the snoring drugs is better. Each drug is selected individually by doctors (therapist, somnologist ) depending on the patient’s age, indications, contraindications, and the severity of the general condition.

Mechanical means for eliminating pathology

In addition to pharmaceutical drugs for snoring, mechanical means are used. The assortment of various devices that suppress the sign of loud breathing is extensive. In specialized pharmacies you can buy plasters, stickers, clips, apparatus and devices, orthopedic pillows, watches, bracelets and other devices. 

The advantages of this method of eliminating snoring are high efficiency, complete absence of influence on the functioning of vital organs (heart, lungs). The devices do not disturb blood circulation, blood pressure, metabolic processes.

Important! Mechanical elimination of snoring is not suitable for adolescents and young people under 21 years of age. This method leads to functional disorders of the respiratory system and the aggravation of the situation. To avoid drying out of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to observe the microclimate in the bedroom. The air temperature is 18-20 ° C, the humidity indicator is 60-70%. 

If snoring is associated with adenoids, polyps (benign growth of the nasal mucosa), curvature of the nasal septum, then mechanical means are not suitable. In this case, radical methods of treatment are indicated ─ surgical removal of neoplasms, nose plastic. 

Patches and stickers

A snoring patch is a small piece of duct tape that is attached to the lower part of the nose (wings) while you sleep. It can be soaked in medicinal solution (plant extract).

The action of the anti-snoring sticker is aimed at restoring nasal breathing by improving air circulation. This occurs as a result of raising the wings of the nose. Basically, a patch is a spring that expands the nasal passages during inhalation and exhalation. At the same time, congestion, runny nose, edema subsides, and local inflammation disappears.

The device is used daily. It is not harmful to your health. The standard snoring patch comes in a variety of sizes, so it is prescribed for both adults and adolescents.

The product is easy to use. The adhesive backing keeps the snoring strip in place and prevents it from shifting during a night’s sleep. It is important that the skin on the face is clean and dry. The product can be easily removed if it is pre-moistened with water.

Types of snoring nasal plaster:

  • Breathe Right ;
  • Better Breathe Kangdi ;
  • Farma crai .

Snoring strips of the Breezright brand and other brands are used situationally or constantly, depending on the cause of the pathology.

Devices ” Antihrap “

Small, compact snoring devices include clips and special nipples. A clip is a device that is attached from the outside at the entrance to the nostrils. It is made of hypoallergenic plastic. Easy to bend due to a special jumper. Depending on the effect of the clip, there are silicone and magnetic clips.

The silicone device is fixed on both sides directly on the partition itself. When positioned correctly, the presence of the clip is not felt. The person feels well, sleeps comfortably when changing body position. Thanks to the jumper, the object moves apart, is installed with a slight push (squeezing).

The peculiarity of the magnetic clip is the presence of built-in small magnets at the ends of the device. The goal is to create a constant magnetic field that actively stimulates local physiological processes. The device improves blood circulation, motor activity of the ciliated epithelium, muscle tone, saturates tissues with oxygen by increasing blood flow.

Important! Magnetic clips are categorically contraindicated in patients with implanted pacemakers, artificial heart valves. 

The device is contraindicated for pregnant women, in case of acute inflammatory processes in the body, which are accompanied by a high body temperature. It is not recommended to use the clip for severe chronic pathologies of the cardiovascular system, lungs, blood. Age restrictions up to 2 years.

The special nipple effectively stops snoring. It looks like a dummy. The purpose of the device is to correctly position the tongue during a night’s sleep. The nipple promotes normal air circulation through the respiratory tract. This is due to the triggering of the swallowing reflex. The tongue is pushed as far forward as possible, does not hesitate, does not vibrate, since it cannot sink into the throat. As a result, low-frequency snoring sounds disappear.

Snoring blockers

CPAP machines are stationary compressors designed to pump air into the bronchopulmonary system. They provide a continuous supply of oxygen mixture, which prevents the hollow organs of the respiratory tract (nasopharynx, larynx, trachea) from closing. This ensures a high-quality rest of a person.

Patients are connected to the devices only with severe forms of snoring, with regular manifestations of apnea, violation of the psychological, physical and emotional state of the patient.

This therapy is indicated for at least 6 months. With extremely severe pathology, a person uses the device constantly, throughout his life.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of snoring

If a person suffers from chronic snoring, he is prescribed treatment with folk remedies. Their effect does not appear immediately, but after systematic use. At home, to combat an unpleasant symptom, recipes are prepared from medicinal herbs, cultivated plants, healthy foods rich in vitamins and microelements.

Sea buckthorn oil for snoring

Sea buckthorn oil is an indispensable product in the treatment of snoring. It contains vitamins and nutrients. With a direct effect on the mucous membrane, it has an anti-inflammatory, sedative (calming) effect. Possesses powerful regenerative properties, quickly restores and normalizes the structure of soft tissues. Strengthens the vascular wall, locally enhances blood flow.

Thanks to the medicinal properties of sea buckthorn oil, noisy breathing is stopped, air movement is facilitated, irritation, inflammation, and edema are relieved. The drug is sold over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

Relative to other folk methods, getting rid of snoring with the use of the remedy is quick. Oil, without diluting, is instilled into the nose with a pipette, 2 drops in each nasal passage. After that, take several deep breaths so that the agent is distributed over the throat. In order to achieve the maximum effect at night, snoring drops are instilled 3-4 hours before bedtime. 

To cure snoring with sea buckthorn oil, you need to do the procedure daily until the symptom disappears completely. On average, this period is 1 month.


Aromatherapy is recommended for patients as part of a comprehensive snoring treatment. Peach, eucalyptus, lavender oils are suitable for this.

Healing properties:

  • stabilize sleep at different phases, enhance its depth and quality;
  • make breathing easier;
  • relieve inflammation, perspiration, irritation in the nasopharynx, larynx;
  • eliminate edema, smooth muscle spasm;
  • increases the elasticity of the soft palate;
  • reduce noise, loud sounds during breathing;
  • calm the nervous system;
  • normalize the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Aromatherapy is prescribed with caution to people prone to allergic manifestations. Absolute contraindications ─ pregnancy, history of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, bronchial asthma, persistent hypertension, epilepsy.

Important! Essential oils are not used without a doctor’s recommendation. Some drugs are neurotoxic , poison the internal organs (liver, kidneys). 

Plant-based snoring recipes

Traditional recipes for snoring effectively help patients, regardless of age and condition. They have no contraindications, restrictions on use.

Cabbage recipe:

  1. Thoroughly chop 1-2 cabbage leaves, add 1 tbsp. l. liquid may honey, mix until a homogeneous mass is formed.
  2. Take once a day at night. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.
  3. Fresh cabbage with honey envelops the throat, normalizes breathing.

To eliminate the symptom, freshly squeezed cabbage juice is also prepared. It is drunk in the evening, 100 ml once.

Garlic recipe:

  1. Take a large lemon and 3-4 cloves of garlic.
  2. Pass through a meat grinder, mix thoroughly until smooth.
  3. Take the resulting mixture in 1 tbsp. l. 2 times a day.
  4. If the taste of the medicine provokes the urge to vomit, you can add honey to taste.
  5. The duration of therapy is 1 month. The mixture tones and strengthens the soft palate, reducing its vibration.

Olive Oil Recipe:

  1. Olive oil helps with snoring. Hard breathing leads to trauma to the mucous membrane, and it needs to be restored.
  2. The product is used as nasal drops in the morning and evening. Duration of application is 3 weeks.

Herbal Recipe:

  1. Prescribed infusions from such medicinal herbs: calendula, cinquefoil, horsetail, black elderberry, burdock, oak bark.
  2. Raw materials are crushed to particles no more than 0.1-0.2 cm in size.
  3. Take 1 tbsp. l. collection, pour 0.5 liters of cool boiling water, leave for 40-50 minutes.
  4. Take 20 ml 3-4 times a day.

For treatment, castor oil is used externally in the form of rubbing or a warming compress in the throat and tonsils.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which drug against snoring is better. With an individual approach, patients are prescribed a set of measures, which includes drug treatment, the use of mechanical devices, and traditional medicine. In parallel, they conduct a course of medical gymnastics. 

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