How to overcome insomnia effectively: how to quickly get rid of the disease

Modern people often suffer from sleep problems. Not only the elderly complain about the trouble, but also the youth. Insomnia is a condition where a person cannot sleep for a long time. And then there is a feeling of constant fatigue, weakness, deterioration in the general condition of the body and stress. What causes this ailment, how to overcome insomnia and learn how to fully relax – these are the topics that will be discussed below.

What is insomnia and what are its symptoms

Probably, every person has faced certain problems of night rest, when the eyes are already sticking together, and the long-awaited sleep does not come. People can toss and turn in bed with the thought of how to fall asleep throughout the night and wake up irritable and angry in the morning. The causes of such a problem can be various factors: anxiety, joy, excitement, drinking too much coffee or tea, fatty or heavy food, and sometimes some kind of disease. This trouble can be one-time, or it can turn into a chronic one. Therefore, with insomnia, you need to consult a specialist so as not to aggravate the condition.

The symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • Inability to sleep is the most common type of insomnia. A person is not able to fall asleep for a long time, tossing and turning from side to side, suffering for several hours.
  • Frequent awakenings throughout the night. At the same time, sleep is very sensitive, disturbing, shallow. Such conditions are so frequent that soon a person complains that he cannot get enough sleep, which means that he cannot rest and recover.
  • Trouble falling asleep again after waking up in the middle of the night, as well as morning insomnia.

With all these symptoms, a person is tormented by a feeling of fatigue and a desire to sleep during the day, but at night he is not able to close his eyes.

Causes of malaise

Having noticed the symptoms of the disease, many people ask themselves: where can I find out how to get rid of insomnia? You can successfully defeat the disease by knowing the causes of insomnia. Most often, the problem lies in internal disorders – these are troubles associated with the general state of health. These include:

  • mental illness;
  • problems with hormones;
  • diseases with severe pain;
  • side effects from taking certain medications;
  • anxiety, stress, depression;
  • too many caffeinated or alcoholic drinks;
  • frequent overeating before bedtime or the wrong diet.

The active work of the brain is often also a consequence of the disorder. If a person cannot relax and tries to think over some problem, of course, there can be no question of any sleep, because the problem is solved even at night.

I must say that there are still external factors – these are those that surround us and affect the quality of sleep. These include:

  • Inappropriate place or condition for rest: uncomfortable bed, too hard or soft mattress, wrong pillows, heat, noise, bad smell or dim lights. For some, these are insignificant trifles, while others suffer from their influence.
  • A new place can also cause sleep deprivation. In unusual conditions, a person often sleeps restlessly and anxiously, often wakes up from any rustle, gets frightened of someone else’s environment and falls asleep again with difficulty.
  • Lots of information to think about. News, problems and more affect the human brain, forcing him to think it all over again and again.

These are the most common causes of insomnia. Getting rid of them, people will quickly adjust their sleep patterns. But sometimes some factors of the disease are easy to identify, while others are problematic. You need to work on this and, of course, get rid of it with the help of the advice of a qualified doctor.

Why insomnia is dangerous

Insomnia differs significantly from simple lack of sleep, it can adversely affect the patient’s well-being, because it causes weakness, irritability, and deterioration of well-being. All this causes significant harm to the entire body.

Due to chronic insomnia in a person, the central nervous system is depressed, brain activity worsens, and hormonal levels are disturbed.

In addition, sleep problems cause such troubles:

  • decreased immunity;
  • weakening of muscles and skin;
  • increase or decrease in blood pressure;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • deterioration of metabolism, which often leads to overweight and obesity;
  • decrease in mental and physical activity.

If you do not overcome insomnia in time, it will become chronic and lead to many serious diseases.

How to overcome insomnia

It is very useful to know how to determine what caused insomnia and how to deal with it. After all, only by determining the cause of the disease, you can quickly and effectively eliminate it.

How to defeat insomnia on your own, if it has already tortured you? If the cause of lack of sleep is not a serious illness, then you can get rid of it with the help of traditional medicine recipes. But first of all, you need to change your habits and adjust the night mode.

Some important tips for coping with insomnia

  1. You need to try to wake up in the morning and in the evening, as well as go to bed at the same time. It is better not to rest during the day, so that at night you will be forgotten by a sound and healthy sleep.
  2. Eat right. It is better to choose light and low-fat food, which is recommended to eat 2 hours before bedtime. It is necessary to avoid heavy food so that the stomach does not digest it all night later. True, it is also impossible to refuse a light snack before bedtime, if you really want to.
  3. If you suffer from insomnia, then you need to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, which lead to nervous excitement.
  4. Regular exercise helps to increase muscle tone, fight stress, give the body energy and improve mood, and it’s also a great way to save yourself from brain overload.
  5. Before going to bed, you should not read or watch exciting stories, horror films or thrillers, especially for older people. Before going to bed, you should try not to worry and not worry about minor troubles or problems at work. All negativity should be left outside the bedroom doors. Before going to bed, it is better to listen to calm music or take a relaxing bath.
  6. It is recommended to provide yourself with optimal conditions for falling asleep quickly, so that in the morning you do not suffer from fatigue and lack of sleep. If the light from the lantern on the street irritates, you need to put on a special blindfold, the noise on the street makes it difficult to fall asleep – use earplugs. Before going to bed, it is always necessary to ventilate the bedroom for a few minutes, so that fresh air will help you fall asleep faster. Of great importance is the condition of the mattress, as well as pillows, because it is not so easy to fully sleep on a sagging bed.

To help folk recipes

Many do not know how to effectively deal with insomnia. The proven means of ancestors will come to the rescue. In addition, all these recipes from simple ingredients are not so expensive, and there will be a million benefits for the body. The most common remedy, honey, will help you quickly overcome problems.

Infusions, decoctions are prepared from dry herbs, soothing baths are taken with them, and pillows are also stuffed to sleep sweeter and stronger.

Folk recipes to combat insomnia:

  • Natural honey is one of the best remedies. Before going to bed, you need to dissolve a teaspoon of the drug in a glass of warm water and drink slowly.
  • Getting rid of the night problem will bring hawthorn. It will be necessary to take 20 grams of fruit, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for about half an hour in a closed container. Then gently strain and drink in the evening half an hour before bedtime.
  • A mixture of lemon balm, mint and motherwort is a great way to combat prolonged sleep deprivation. To prepare the tincture, it will be necessary to pour a tablespoon of a mixture of dry grass with a glass of boiling water, cover and leave for half an hour. Then strain and drink 50 grams three times a day before each meal.
  • You can still cut a few fresh mint leaves coarsely, pour a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for 20 minutes with the lid closed, and then strain and drink 20 minutes before eating.
  • If you suffer from insomnia, then you can make yourself a scented pillow or sachet with herbs, which should be kept at the head of the bed. From herbs it is recommended to use: St. John’s wort, lavender, oregano, mint, hops, lemon balm, fern, laurel. The main thing is to make sure that the herbs are well dried.
  • How to get rid of insomnia at night and sleep well? A soothing and relaxing effect will give baths with the addition of essential oils of orange, mint, chamomile. True, you do not need to add too many drops to the water, just 2-3 are enough, otherwise there is a risk of falling asleep right in the bath.

Medications for insomnia

How to get rid of insomnia in old age or if it has already turned into a chronic illness? Everything is extremely simple. In this case, medications will help. The doctor will select the funds individually and attribute their correct intake for the best effect. Sometimes sleep problems indicate serious diseases that can only be detected by a specialist with the help of laboratory tests. Therefore, without a trip to the doctor can not do.

Medicines with herbal ingredients act more gently, because they contain only natural ingredients. These are ” Biola “, ” Balancesin “, “Ortho Taurine” – they contain amino acids, herbal extracts and vitamins to increase the psychological tone of the patient.

Strong drugs help to forget in a dream within 15-20 minutes after application. True, they should not be drunk if you need to get up to a small child, since they have a strong hypnotic effect.

If a person is tormented by insomnia, and he does not know how to deal with it, you should start studying information on this subject. The disease can seriously harm your health, and therefore you should not play with it. Irritability, chronic fatigue, depression, decreased immunity, problems with blood pressure and heart function are a few of the consequences that lack of sleep can lead to. At the initial stage, folk recipes from herbal tinctures will help to get rid of insomnia forever. If the disease is prolonged, you can not do without medicines.

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